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  1. Steyr import maadi value

    Hello, curious if anyone knows the current value on a steyr import maadi. No box in very good condition. Does not have the Y stamp.
  2. Headspace issue

    Hello. I have an ar build going with a rosco 5.56 16inch heavy barrel and a lantac bcg. All components to this rifle are new. The rifle passes the field and no go test, the bcg will not close. But on the go gauge it will also not close without being pushed and its hard to pull the charging...
  3. Frame stipple/cerakote

    Hello anyone have any recommendations of businesses in MA/NH who do good frame stipple/cerakote? Looking to get a g19 done.
  4. Delete

  5. Best option for controlling safe humidity?

    Recently just got a liberty safe extreme 60. Came with a peet air dryer but not to crazy about leaving something plugged in inside the safe after seeing reviews about them catching fire. Anyone have any experience using the Boveda 49% 2 way humidity packs for inside a safe? Read the...
  6. Barrel length change.

    Hello, been searching for this answer for awhile. If you have a rifle that has a barrel length of 20” registered to you and you change that barrel to lets say a 16”. Would you have to re-register the firearm with the new barrel length?
  7. Best EDC pocket pistol?

    Looking to get opinions on different pocket pistols for another EDC. Current EDC is a glock 43x but in certain scenarios something smaller would be more preferred. Currently looking at the springfield 911 in 9mm.
  8. Magazine issue

    Picked up a couple of thermold preban AR15 mags. Anyone have any experience with these being tight and not seating in the rifle enough to even lock in place?
  9. Happy to turn GREEN

    Haven’t been on this forum for to long but its been such a pleasure with learning more from all the helpful members out there I just had to go green.
  10. Frame serial numbers

    Hello, I have a glock 43x that I purchased the frame and slide separately so there serial numbers are different which I know the only number that matters to the feds and MA when “completed” is the frame. My question is if the frame got damaged and was sent back to glock and came back as a...
  11. Smith & Wesson 500 reflex sight

    Looking for recommendations on a reflex sight to handle the recoil on my S&W 500 Performancr Center 7.5”. Ive gotten recommendations on trijicon RM04 dual illuminated sight vs the red dot sights do to the fact the dual illuminated has no batteries. Any thoughts or personal experience?
  12. Sig MCX legal in MA?

    Hello, Ive been hunting around dealers for the Sig MCX Virtus. A lot of dealers tend to frown upon that gun being brought up in conversation and want nothing to do with it. My question is the Brand New MCX legal in MA as long as the stock has been pinned and the muzzle welded. If so is there any...
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