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  1. Portable pistol safe for automobile

    Attended a class last week at work on armed assailant and I'm told if there is a breach to Run Hide Fight. So that got me thinking after what happened in Fl on Wednesday and this idiotic advice from our safety officer I should start carring going to work and since I can not bring my pistol...
  2. Cabela's Hudson MA

    Stopped off at the store tonight to check it out. Applied for a cc and got $20 credit. Found Federal 22 lr bx of 325 for $18.99 after tax only paid .18. out of pocket. If you go this weekend and do not have a Cabela's cc fill one out for your $20 credit. What was nice since I never been before...
  3. (12 ga) (2 3/4) (1 oz) (7 1/2) Target Loads

    Does anybody want to share where I can buy this shell by the case for $60 in S. NH?
  4. You never know when or where you may need to defend yourself

    Man tries robbing people in line for LeBron James sneakers, is shot and killed |
  5. UN Arms Treaty about to be signed

    Obama Set to Sign UN Arms Treaty and Texas Attorney General Threatens to Sue - Liberty Crier
  6. Owning a gun a requirement to live here.

    Georgia Town's New Law Says You Must Have a Gun - ABC News
  7. Smith and Wesson profit soars. Stock trades under $10

    Smith & Wesson booked record sales as gun debate raged - Jun. 13, 2013
  8. Last sentance in this story says it all.

    Board of Health chief, residents discuss gun control in Southborough - Framingham, MA - The MetroWest Daily News Fazen said after the meeting he hopes civil discussions like Thursday's are a step in the right direction. Another words opposing views not need to be told or heard.
  9. Gov Christie could have added a conservative to the senate to help on gun control

    Instead he does this. Christie, widely considered a strong GOP contender in the 2016 race for the White House, had the option to appoint someone to serve through 2014, the end of Lautenberg’s term. But will hold a special election in October. Do you think a liberal Democrat would have taken...
  10. Quality cleaning kit under $100

    I'll be buying a 12 guage shotgun tomorrow and I have a 9mm with 50 rounds through it. What do you all recommend for a cleaning kit? Prefer it comes with cleaner and brushes to clean both my pistol and shotgun.
  11. 9mm availability at Mass Firearms School

    Over the next few weeks we have around 60,000 rounds of 9mm coming in. It has been a long time since we have seen any quantities like this. - 43,000 rounds of Federal American Eagle 9mm Luger 124 Grain Total Metal Jacket - 14,000 rounds of 9mm custom made for MFS by Precision Cartridge...
  12. GE Capital drops funding on gun shop owners.

    I don't have a credit card with thm and I will not purchse a GE appliance because of this action by the company. GE Capital cuts off lending to gun shops | Fox News
  13. Two masked would be robbers scared off by a clerk with a loaded AR15

    National Guardsman Store Clerk Scares Off Burglars With Assault Weapon - Careers Articles
  14. Bloomberg had the surrounding town of Newton spelled as Newtown

    Mistake or done on purpose?
  15. S&W 9mm Shield

    A friend is looking to buy his first pistol and this is the one he wants. Are there any gun shops out there that have these or are they on a long back order?
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