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  1. Any Roofer Recommendations In The Centerville, MA Area?

    Can anybody recommend a roofer in the Mid Cape area of Mass? -MP
  2. Any Blackpowder Rifle Recommendations?

    I'm looking for a blackpowder rifle WITH scope for deer hunting in Massachusetts. Does anyone have any recommendations on a rifle? Any recommendations for a place to buy it? BTW...I'm in metrowest. TIA, MP-In-The-Wind
  3. S&G Combination (non-digital) lock issue: starting to turn with difficulty.

    HI All. I have a Treadlock safe that the manual S& G combination lock has started to become difficult to turn.. Does anyone know how to lubricate this lock, or is it a 'professional only' sort of item FYI: It's a on a Treadlock safe... TIA. MP-In-The-Wind
  4. Advice Needed!

    I'm not sure what (if anything) to do about this: my wife (an artist and registered independent) has been going to museums with a former co-worker, maybe 4 or 5 times over the last year. For no apparent reason this man suddenly labeled my wife as a right wing threat and has begun been sending...
  5. Appalachian Mountain Club. Stance on guns?

    Does anyone know the AMC's stance on firearms? I'd rather not donate to a cause that would restrict gun ownership/use. TIA
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