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  1. Home insulation

    I'm looking to add insulation and seal my attic and a few other spots in the house. Can anyone recommend someone Mansfield/south shore MA area?
  2. Spofford lake

    Heading up to Spofford Lake this weekend. Any good gun shops around the area?
  3. Kayak recommendations

    Any brand/style recommendations for a beginner. Would be used on calm waters at first until I get more experienced. Lakes ponds etc.
  4. WTS Yamaha/Boston acoustics

    Yamaha RX 770 receiver Boston Acoustics VR30 Lynnwood series speakers Mint condition with original box. Remote for receiver went missing a while back but have seen them eBay for short money. Speaker cables and banana plugs included. $500 cash for all obro Mansfield MA Pm if interested
  5. Veterans plates

    My father was Army from way back. He has vet plates on his car. My mother’s car which is registered to him now has vet plates as well but she was not military. He is old and stubborn. I’m afraid someone is going to question my poor mother and she will be in a mess. Am I over thinking this
  6. Free bicycle attachment for dog

    nib. Tried once. Dog protested and went on a sit down strike. Mansfield area. Pm me if interested
  7. Free grill box bag

    Nib camp chef grill box carry bag. Mansfield area. pm me if interested
  8. Gravely mower.

    Damn thing craps out hard when I hit the pto. Battery has 12v and seat safety switch is good. It dies with a clunk and belt jumped off of the pulley. Starts and runs perfectly until I try to engage the blades. I’ve exhausted my limited knowledge. Any ideas
  9. Can someone explain this to me.

    Before anyone says it, yes I need to leave Facebook alone. With that said, I got into a heated discussion let’s say with some people on Facebook in regards to the whole Minneapolis fiasco. BLM was brought up and I spoke up saying, for reasons I won’t bore you with, that I don’t support BLM. I...
  10. Blue Hills

    Has anyone heard if the dcr are going to open the blue hills for the controlled hunt again this year
  11. C wire

    Does anyone know if I connect a common wire from my ac air handler to my WiFi thermostat will that give me the continuous power even when the ac is off
  12. Arguing with a liberal

    I don’t normally do this but given the recent goings on I couldn’t stand it anymore. I recently got into a mindless back and forth on gun control on another forum. I couldn’t stand the lies and caved into the temptation. I remained calm and rational. I’m not really a statistics person but felt...
  13. Painting cost.

    Recently had a good amount of work done on my house. Some of which included all new windows and doors (new construction.) Roughly 17 windows 3 exterior doors and 1 slider. Just out of curiosity any painters here have a rough ballpark idea of how much a job like that would be for interior only.
  14. Central ac help

    My Mickey Mouse central ac system (that came with the house) is finally shitting the bed. I recently had a contractor look at it a write me out a proposal. Aside from turning the damn thing on and setting it to meat locker, I have no clue about these things. The guy gave me four different...
  15. WTS Men’s gold chain

    Location : Mansfield MA Description : 14kt 5.5 mm 98 grams 23 inch yellow gold Franco chain with lobster claw clasp. Appraisal paperwork available. Price: 5,000 no personal checks. Contact: PM for more info.
  16. Oil tank/furnace

    I have forced hot water oil heat tankless system in my house. I need to replace the tank, upgrade the furnace and replace the tankless with a tank. Does anyone have a name for the Mansfield area.
  17. Home oil tank

    Any home heating experts can tell me why my oil tank has water condensation buildup underneath the tank. Was in the basement and noticed a wet stain on the floor near the tank. Definitely not oil. I looked underneath and see water drops beading up. No wetness anywhere else on the tank. It’s an...
  18. Finally did it.

    Hung around here long enough. Finally blew the dust off my wallet and coughed up the 21 bucks. Should have done it long ago. [rockon]
  19. NFL at it again

    Police union tells officers to return their Dolphins tickets for refunds I love the part where some player is quoted as saying “It’s a peaceful protest. We’re not hurting anyone.” .........Except the millions of people past and present who have sacrificed for our flag and country. Too many...
  20. Let’s just invite the liberals in

    Last week, Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott urged residents of high-tax New Jersey to move to the Lone Star State, touting his administration’s tax cut of $4 billion Not thinking that one through.
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