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  1. The failed Polish tenor

  2. CMP Garands

    So I just Fedxed my order in for my 4th garand. A Service grade. luck of the draw for a Springfield or a H&R. It says, Now taking Applications on the CMP website. Doesn't say sold out So i sent my application in. Now I start holding my breath again! My last one was a RM1 Special and it sure...
  3. Garand Ammo

    Available. Prvi Partizan Ammunition Prvi Partizan 30-06 Springfield Ammo M1 Garand 150 Grain FMJ 500 Rounds in Ammo Can TSPORTS. yes I bought another can..................
  4. target sports

    Has the PPU Garand 30.06 ammo again.
  5. 39 Pontiac.

    I have been going thru some of my Dad's stuff that I have in boxes since he passed away a few years back. Still tough even thinking about it. Anyway I came across this and tracked it down to a 1939 Pontiac radiator cap. Thought it was cool enough to share. It's in great condition as you can...
  6. Winchester 1892 in 25-20

    So i have had this lever action Winchester in my Family since before I was born. I am told it was my Gran Dads and then went to Dad. Now i have it and it's been a safe queen for at least 25 years since dad handed over all of his guns to me. It has been cleaned ad lubed regularly and appears in...
  7. Israeli Medical solutions.

  8. Smith Corona 03A3/ Swedish M38

    Had the old girls out for a quick clean today. Thought they deserved a picture. I love them both.
  9. Spotting scopes

    I am looking for a spotting scope for the range. Current range is 100 yards would like it to work out to 200. I have no experience with these and need some sound advice for a scope. Price range out to $300 would be fine. Thanks in advance for any help.
  10. WTS Craftsman 5.5 Hp Snowblower.

    Sold please delete.
  11. Funny Cars under the stars.

    Going to the Drags tonight in Epping NH . Funny cars Do they do searches? I will reluctantly leave my carry piece at home if they are checking. Anyone know?
  12. Help for Heroes.

    View: They make quite the pair.
  13. Shot guns

    Why a pump over a semi auto 12 gauge for home defense. Have shot a few 12 gauges over the years but looking for info.
  14. New Guy

    From the North Shore here in Mass. I got back into firearms again about 3 years back after burning out on riding my Motorcycles too much. So my wife and I got our carry permits and then took some tactical courses at the local club. She can really shoot pretty well and enjoys our time together...
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