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  1. Now that ACB is confirmed to SCOTUS...

    WHO do I reach out to about SUING the PANTS off Medford over restrictions? I would LOVE to be a plaintiff if there were to be a repeat of Gould, and it should be obvious how good the chances are of both certiori and a favorable ruling with the newly appointed Justice. :cool:
  2. Trump Destroys Democrat Platform In Rose Garden Speech

    If you're a gun owner or care about 2A, at all, you should damn well be a "trumper" The "purple people" have almost all seen at least clips of his rallies, are you aware how many views his rallies get...
  3. Trump Destroys Democrat Platform In Rose Garden Speech

    Goodness, did NES get taken over by libtards overnight? So you want Biden who is openly running on banning guns? This is probably hard for you but rub 2 of your good neurons together and you'll realize that it made perfect sense. He was essentially doing his rally routine. Most of it was a...
  4. Seattle ice cream parlor bars police carrying guns

    Per Washington law (according to, as in MA, "no guns" signs do not have force of law and ignoring them does not appear to be a crime. Of course they can then press trespassing if they ask the cops to leave, but then what officer will charge a fellow officer for that crime...
  5. Man Arrested for Road Rage Incident in Tewksbury

    Just remember what you're funding when you eat that
  6. Man Arrested for Road Rage Incident in Tewksbury

    Also Burger King pushes commie nonsense to perhaps the highest degree a fast food establishment is able
  7. Tax Free Weekend Plans

    Be sure to pay your use tax to MA ;)
  8. Lowell LTC-A renewal

    Medford still rams, just with T&H instead of class B. My understanding is that there is in fact a legal appeal for restrictions, but that it is rarely, if ever, fruitful.
  9. Carrying in a vehicle with a class a ltc with a restriction

    Restricted from Medford here, I have never asked them to clarify but I guarantee they would say no carrying of any kind in MA. When I go to the range, my firearm(s) are in a locked container in the trunk.
  10. Supreme Court decides not to hear big gun-rights cases, dealing blow to Second Amendment activists

    Thank you for posting this because I had high hopes for one of these and pretty gloomy right now
  11. UMass-Boston: 'The state police presence on campus has ended'

    When I first moved to MA I lived at one of those apartments on Mount Vernon Street next to the campus. It had private armed security and one of the guards basically told me I wasn't safe if I stepped foot off the property at night. I'm sure removing LEO presence will be a great move. What could...
  12. New Comm2A Scorecard?

    I would also like new data, but concur that not much has likely changed since 2017. I also believe Comm2A is one of the parties litigating the Gould case which would remove the need for this document if the outcome is good. I think it makes sense for Comm2A to be putting as many resources as...
  13. Portland man charged with robbery, aggravated assault in Buxton

    Why is Muhamud Said Abdullahi in the United States?
  14. MA Towns Suspending Licensing?

    I would suggest your friend wait before applying regardless of their virus pause nonsense and move out of that POS town unless he is connected or owns a business or wants to be stuck with a restricted LTC for 6 years, courtesy of Chief "Fat" F**kley. I am simultaneously so glad to be out of...
  15. Moving back to MA want to know if I'll have issues getting FID/LTC

    Probably the best advice is to talk to a lawyer who specializes in firearms laws before you apply because they would be able to guide you as to exactly how to answer the part of the LTC application that pertains to this subject. Anecdotally, I would think being denied for an LTC on suitability...
  16. MA Towns Suspending Licensing?

    I'm pretty sure that one can only have 1 active MA LTC at a time. To me this would mean that even though you got a new license with no restrictions, the old license (the one with restrictions) would be active until it expires. In other words, the new license wouldn't be valid for carrying on...
  17. 5/15/20 - Could be a big SCOTUS announcement

    One of the CCW cases. I feel either Rogers or Gould is the strongest because of the specific questions they are asking. Every infringement is egregious, but for the other ones, there can be workarounds (i.e. buy a preban firearm). CCW is one of the most core elements of 2A (the bearing of keep...
  18. 5/15/20 - Could be a big SCOTUS announcement

    Not getting picked up isn't the same as getting denied. The NYC v NYSRPA case was conferenced 3 times before they took it according to Guns and Gadgets. True, that law has screwed many people. But is it as arbitrary as the issues raised in the pending cases? I lived on the wrong side of the...
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