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  1. NES Green Membership Karma

    Since I just won a green membership karma courtesy of @vicpinto, I'm going to pay it forward by offering my own. If you are a non-green member, please post in. I'll pick a number next Tuesday, 11/17/20 (but only if I like you). ;)
  2. Wilmington "Back the Blue and Trump too" Rally this Sunday

    Wilmington Town Common 2 pm Sunday.
  3. ATF: 422.7 million guns in US; 17.7 million AR15s & AK47s

    Did a search: According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation that crunched the ATF numbers. there are 422.7 million guns in the US (1.2 for every person); 17.7 million AR15s & AK47s; in 2018, 8.1 billion rounds of ammunition were produced...
  4. Two more 4.5 billion-year-old meteorite 1911s made by Business End Customs

    Lou made two 1911 handguns out of parts of the Muonionalusta Meteorite found in Sweden that are expected to fetch between $1 million to $1.5 million at Heritage Auctions in TX. Since Lou test fired them, are they NIB or LNIB? [laugh] Photo of one of the guns under construction Pistols...
  5. New Hampshire man bites police dog

    I hope they tested the K9 dog for rabies after the man bit it.
  6. A Folding Glock 19 MD3

    I saw this story about the folding Glock MD3 in June's American Rifleman, so I looked it up online. I think that I'll pass on this.
  7. Terminator Arnold gets drop kicked in the back - S. Africa

    Happens at about 0:57. View: Arnold Schwarzenegger blindsided, dropkicked in the back during sporting event in South Africa
  8. Dick Cole, last of the Doolittle Raiders, won't be down for chow.

    A true hero. Died today at the age of 103. RIP, Sir! [halfmast] A legend passes: Dick Cole, last of the Doolittle Raiders, dies at 103
  9. Stripper Clips for M1903 Springfield and M1917 Remington rifle

    For you milsurp guys, I'm looking for additional .30-06 stripper clips for the above 2 rifles, I only found a couple of sources online. One had them for $1.40 each and other sites had them for more money (up to as much as $7 each, IIRC). The former is new old stock. The first price seems...
  10. WWII USS Wasp found in Coral Sea

    A short video and some nice pics. Wreck of WWII aircraft carrier USS Wasp discovered in the Coral Sea
  11. 11 year old son shoots dad, an Indiana state trooper, over video games

    The kid wanted to shoot his dad in the head with his dad's .45 service gun, over video games and other electronics but shot him in the ass instead. The kid also tested his dad's taser on the family dog before shooting his father. Boy, does this kid have some problems or what? [sad]...
  12. Boston25 WFXT review of MA ERPO law

    The showing of this review was mentioned in another NES thread (link below), but I didn't see any followup posts commenting on the actual news piece, so I'm posting a link to it. It's only a little over 4 minutes long. Massachusetts' Red Flag Gun Law: Saving lives or threatening civil rights...
  13. Five Springfield cops charged in barroom brawl from 2015

    Did a search... Three questions: 1) What's going on with cops lately? 2) This happened in 2015, so why is it being reported almost 4 years later? (I suppose that it could have been reported earlier than this, but no action was taken.) 3) Why do they turn their personal firearms over to...
  14. Boston cop had his Glock stolen by strippers in RI

    Well, at least he didn't leave his gun in the bathroom, but he did leave it unlocked in his car. Improper storage? [laugh] Boston cop on leave after service weapon allegedly stolen by strippers – Boston Herald
  15. Liz Warren using American Indian Status

    No, Lizzie never used her Indian heritage as a minority status to get ahead of the line. Will this end her presidential run that never had a chance when she identified as an American Indian on her application for the Bar of Texas in 1986...
  16. Polishing a stainless steel revolver?

    I have a Dan Wesson SS .357 revolver that I bought cheap about 10 years ago. The price was reduced due to what looks like minor casting or forging marks on it alongside the barrel and underlug. I had a yen to someday see if I could polish or buff out the marks and the time has finally come to...
  17. Israeli Scientists claim a complete cure for cancer

    A cure for cancer? Israeli scientists say they think they found one
  18. Another Bad Day for CNN

    Did a search: CNN legal analyst, Areva Martin, accused David Webb, "Sirius XM Radio and FOX nation host of white privilege." Only one problem, Webb is black. [laugh]
  19. Illinois police officer's screams for help; backup officer fatally shoots perp

    This happened last July; search found nothing. Body cam and dash cam filmed the encounter. Backup officer fatally shoots the bad guy. Can't load the video, but it can be seen by clicking on the link to the story. Illinois police officer's screams caught on camera during struggle with fugitive...
  20. Glock 48 for 2019

    Appears that Glock is releasing a G48 in addition to the G43X. Glock 48/43X: What We Got Right and Wrong | RECOIL
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