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  1. A&J Sporting Goods

    Hubby and I drove up there today. We both had a great experience there. They have alot of inventory and everyone was really nice. I came home with a 12ga. Ithaca shotgun. Great people and great experience. We will definitely be back.
  2. Oven canning

    Has anyone done oven canning of their dried goods? I just learned about it this weekend and was wondering if any one else has done this and their success with it? I am going to be doing this later this week.
  3. Happy Veterans Day

    To all my brothers and sisters that have served, are serving, and that have paid the ultimate price. Thank you for your service. Happy Veterans Day. May you all have a great day.
  4. For all the Marines on here..

    Happy Marine Corp Birthday.[party]
  5. While everyone is having their BBQ's and day off from work

    Take a few minutes to reflect on the true meaning of Memorial Day. Honor those who paid the ultimate sacrifice and given you the freedoms you so enjoy. [halfmast]
  6. So with all the 9/11 coverage

    I know many of us here will never forget and have that day forever ingrained in our minds. I happened to have the day off from work, sent our son off to school, and seen hubby out the door. I had just sat down to drink my coffee and watch Good Morning America, and was watching the whole thing...
  7. Okay NES Elves and Dwarves......

    I have been in contact with a member here who is coming home from the sandbox soon, but I have and addy for the unit that is replacing them with a POC. Now what I am asking is for a big commitment from you guys if you decide to participate and send care packages to this unit. I am asking for a...
  8. Western MA NES'rs

    Check in here and let us know you are okay, or if you need anything.
  9. For those that have friends and relatives in Burkburnett, TX

    There are two fires burning in town. One is very near my brother. He is getting things ready in case he has to evacuate.
  10. So with everything that has happened in Japan

    Has it made you re-evaluate your preps, and also made you see you need to do more? I realized we have one more cat that we didn't have and need to make sure I am prepped for her in case we had to leave. I always try to re evaluate and see what else I might need, etc.
  11. Veterans Day

    To those that have served before me, with me and after me, Thank You. To those that have paid the ultimate price May you all rest in peace. Hope you all enjoy the day.[grin]
  12. That time of year again

    For those of you who would like to send care packages to our deployed I do have a unit. Please PM for the info. Thank you all who do this.[grin]
  13. Okay, for those of you wanting to learn how to can and preserve food

    I found a flier with classes on just that. Here is the link and on the right hand side scroll down and find workshops/conferences. There is also classes on cheesemaking. They are in various parts of the state. Good luck.[grin]
  14. Just thought I would share some differences while I'm in Texas

    First off it is extremely nice here. I just wanted to share that at least the military is truly appreciated down here. They actually honor our service members on the local news here. Maybe it's because I am so close to quite a few bases, but I really don't think so. I am not far from Sheppard...
  15. Hello NES Elves

    I am have another NES'er deployed. It is near the holidays and I would love to see all of our deployed taken care of. So any volunteers to write letters, send cards, or send care packages. Please contact me for all of their info. We now have 4 deployed. Thank you to all that help me out. You...
  16. I just want to remind everyone

    If you would like to support some NES members that are deployed to please contact me for info. The holidays are coming and right now we have 3 deployed and soon a 4th, and then also Combat Engineer, our son. I would love to see these guys bombarded with carepackages and mail, it means alot to...
  17. Anyone else

    Canning yet? I have started. Tomorrow I will be canning beets, greenbeans, pickles, and blanching and freezing summer squash and zucchini. I've been processing it today in preparation for tomorrow. Hubby made me an outdoor kitchen this year so I don't have to heat up the house.[grin] I also...
  18. Got this in my e-mail

    Thought those of you that are closer might be interested.[grin] Please reserve now. You are cordially invited to a special dinner in honor of families who have loved ones in the military and to pay tribute to the heroes and victims of 9/11/01. This is completely a...
  19. Congrats CmbtEngr

    On your promotion to E-4. Been a long time coming.[grin]
  20. Happy Birthday Yelena

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