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  1. Looking for a good coat

    Anything you guys recommend with side zips that doesn’t look obnoxiously tacticool? Tall sizes are a plus.
  2. Okay IT brains, here's one for you.

    WIN 10, I have internet access, I'm typing this on my laptop. All browsers can connect to the web. Multiple programs can not. (iTunes, blizzard, steam, etc.) I uninstalled and reinstalled wifi adapter drivers, no difference. Went exclusively ethernet, no beans. No updates that I'm aware of that...
  3. SOLD Hoplite Level IV plates

  4. UBI, they want it bad.

  5. Post add ins

    I don’t know why but it seems that in mobile Firefox I can’t edit posts with formatting or add links any more. On Safari I see this: But get this on FF: And I can’t tap anything to change formatting or add links/media/emojis etc Anything change lately with FF to change settings?
  6. Move the hell over

    I swear the size of your truck has an inverse relationship with your intelligence, and an exponential effect on your ego. If your dumb, easily offended ass is camping the left lane like you’re f***ing waiting for the next 5.11 grand opening, and people are coming up behind you, maybe don’t take...
  7. 2017 Malibu Jack Points

    Any mechanics on here know how to properly jack up this generation of Malibu? I want to rotate my tires and knew how to on my old 09 but now there doesn’t seem to be a good spot on this 17. I tried to use a wooden block on the pinch weld behind the front tires but that didn’t work as it bent the...
  8. New Candidate for State Rep - Seabrook & Hampton Falls

    An old scout senior patrol leader of mine just signed up to run for State Rep. I’ll update with web page info once he creates it, and I’ll post it here. He’s very pro 2A and most of you will likely want to vote for him on 09/08
  9. Best Offset Red Dot Mount

    I've been starting to get an itch for an offset mount for either an RMR/SRO or T1/T2 What are the better setups you've been seeing? Should I be looking at other red dots for use on a 16" AR? Current optic on rifle is an ACOG Discuss
  10. Help with Western Hats

    I'm looking for what I think is called a Gambler style hat. Flat top, mid(?) rise, not super expensive given it's the first hat of that style for me. Question: Hat needs to match belt & boots right? I have some boots I want to try but I'll hold off on that for now. Any of you have brand...
  11. Site won’t finish loading

    Firefox on iPhone, it’s taking forever for the site to finish loading. Over a minute when it’s usually seconds. Anyone else seeing this?
  12. Planning to Buy a New Monitor

    Seeing as I'm spending a lot more time at home lately I want to get a monitor to supplement my new laptop while I have my graduate classes moved online for the foreseeable future. I have an Nvidia RTX2070 graphics card and spend just as much time gaming as I do class work and I've been very...
  13. MA Gun Law updates

    Morning all, I’m sure this doesn’t belong in general but wanted to get a little more exposure. I’ve seen GOAL running the MA law classes and I reached out to who I thought was running the class on FB and haven’t heard back yet. Did any of you who took the class get a digital copy of the...
  14. Just watch it.

  15. Lady asks strangers to pay for boob reduction as KK chest is ruining her life

    Guilty Mum asks strangers to pay for £8k boob reduction as KK chest is ruining her life
  16. Rust (Steam)

    Just installed Rust the other night and starting to get a hang for it. Any of you playing?
  17. New Laptop

    My 2012 vintage G73 is on its last legs. I’m looking at a new laptop of similar quality, so I’ll take your inputs on what any of you are running. I’m not against downsizing to a 15” but it’s not preferred.
  18. NH liquor question

    Say a restaurant is closing and they have opened bottles. Can they gift them away? I’m digging through the laws currently but if I can get an answer here first that’d be great. Thanks.
  19. New Sedans, Manuals

    I’m looking at Honda Sport 2.0T or Jetta GLI Autobahn for new cars. Manual transmissions Any of you here drive one? What’s your Pro/Cons? I’m 6’5” and can not fit in Ford Fusions as I found out this weekend with a sunroof. I fit in the Honda’s and will need to see if I fit in the VW this...
  20. Ford Mechanics?

    Any one here work for Ford as a mechanic? I’d like to hear what you think a repair on a long block replacement for a 2017 edge se is going to cost me out of warranty. Thanks
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