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  1. Delaney WMA - which Zone?

    New to WMAs (and hunting) so please forgive a probably stupid question: which zone is Delaney WMA actually in? The land user's guide says 9, but the map makes it look like 10. Thinking of trying grey squirrel there with a friend in a couple weeks, but don't want to be wrong about the zone...
  2. Forgotten Weapons "The Worst AK I have Ever Seen"

    View: I can't help but wonder if @Boris has thoughts on this
  3. Does anyone have a Silent Buffer Spring I can take a look at?

    Personal research for an unrelated project for a client. Before I throw down the coin and call it a "business expense," does anyone have a JP Silent Captured Recoil Buffer Spring, or similar, that I can take a look at? Happy to drive to you; ideally somewhere near Medford. Thanks in advance.
  4. Curious to see how this all pans out

    Student from Parkland claims he was invited to be part of the CNN discussion, then backed out when given a scripted question. Looks like CNN is not amused... CNN refutes Parkland school shooting survivor's 'scripted' question claim
  5. Safe School Initiative Final Report

    In 1999, instigated by Coumbine, the Secret Service got hooked up with the Department of Education to investigate "school shootings." Their research went back to 1974, and continued through 2000. In 2002, they released the results of this investigation: The Final Report and Findings of the Safe...
  6. Flying with Firearms (a guide)

    This question comes up often enough, and gets retread over and over. I've meant to point folks at Deviant Ollam's article on his site, or his talk from DefCON. It seems he's expanded it into a three-part series on TFB: Packing in the Friendly Skies - Basic Training for Flying with Firearms -...
  7. Make New Shooters [2018 Challenge]

    I propose a contest to the members of the board: Take a new shooter to the range. Aim for one a month (just like your purchases). Keep tally and post about it here. At the end of the year I'll figure out a prize or three. And to spice it up - if they voted Clinton or Stein, they count twice.
  8. Looking for range info near New Haven, CT

    Like I said in another thread, I just had a chance to talk at Yale. Good times. The Yale Law School Republicans, who were my hosts, have offered to introduce students to shooting, and are trying to schedule the event soon. It sounds like they're in search of a range that won't cost them a...
  9. Was asked to talk at 2 Ivy League schools this week. What could go wrong?

    As a representative of the Pink Pistols, I was asked to present at Yale Law School on Tuesday, and Harvard Law School yesterday. My talk focused mainly on self-defense. Not only was I well received at both, but the questions were intelligent and respectful. And I had several attendees following...
  10. Attending Healey's Town Halls

    Per the recent GOAL email: How "must" is this? Am I really required, as a citizen of the Commonwealth, to create a Facebook account in order to take part in our government? Will they be checking IDs? Will those people who still succeed in using pseudonyms on there be barred because their...
  11. Moving during the application process in MA

    Question from a student/friend: Let's say you live in a town that takes longer than 40 days to process your application. While your application is being processed, you move to another town in MA. What do you do about the LTC app? My guesses are: 1) wait for it to complete, then immediately...
  12. Resurrecting the Pink Pistols in MA

    UPDATE - FIRST EVENT THIS WEEKEND - SEE POST #90 I know there's been talk of the unfortunate disappearance of the Boston Chapter of the Pink Pistols. I'm working to fix this. I was the one at the rally in the hand-written "Armed Gays..." shirt. I'm told that the local leadership used to have a...
  13. A thought tangent to "Permits to Purchase"

    So, theoretically, one can own a firearm and posses it under the mythical "Permit to Purchase." But they would still need a separate permit to posses ammunition/components, no? Doesn't that mean that you still can't actually have (use of) a firearm in your home for defense without a permit...
  14. NES Braintrust - what is this rifle?

    Coworker: Mesatchornug - check this out! What is that? (source: me: <scratches head> I got nothing, but I think I want one, and I bet someone on NES can tell us! So, any ideas?
  15. For once, it seems The Times actually posted an intelligent [opinion] piece

    Hopefully not a dupe. "Fifty States of Fear" Found it through Bruce Schneier this morning. Pretty well done.
  16. T&H!? It seems some of us really are more equal

    486 days since I dropped off my application? 152 days since you found it after I wrote the mayor, and invited me in to "interview?" Target and Hunting restriction after you told me I'd be all set? Jesus Christ on a Pogo Stick - WTF?? This is why people don't trust their local LO, y'all know...
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