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  1. NRA admits to using funds for personal benefit

    f*** the NRA. Here are some federal level organizations that are actually worth giving to. FPC especially. They're involved in lots of lawsuits right now. [FPC] GOA
  2. What did you do to your firearm today.

    I gave my P320 another face lift. X-Carry chopped by Steady Grind Design to accept compact mags.
  3. ACB will be the newest SCJ

    The Prosecutor is already calling it "illegitimate." Twitter
  4. Holster recommendations

    Get a belt. Listen to the link...
  5. Holster recommendations

    If you're concerned about weight the solution is a belt. Not ideal given that you may not always wear belt loops. I recommend belt loops and a Blue Alpha Hybrid EDC belt. It's the best belt I've ever owned. For firearms use or otherwise. Blue Alpha
  6. Magpul Followers

    Every single 30 round USGI mag I own has Magpul's spring and follower kit. Never any problems. Good to go.
  7. Talk about gouging

    Again, the price is for 5! Arm or Ally has always been good to me, actually. It was the only place I found a Polymer80 PF-45 for $129 when everyone else was sold out or asking absurd money.
  8. How many would you need to feel safe ?

    The food will run out before the ammo will and somehow I still want more ammo.
  9. Teenage music school student is shot by a cop who opened fire with his personal assault rifle as he chased a bank robber

    I came to say this. Also, I love this from the reporter, "...the officer's personal AR15. An assault rifle far more powerful than a regular handgun." You guys' ARs come with a third pin and I missed out?
  10. you ever have "one of those days" at the range?

    I almost made a thread like this 3 weeks ago. I was so excited to get some range time. I got there, set everything up, and proceeded to shoot both pistol and rifle like a damn Stormtrooper. I mean, we're not talking large groups. My targets looked like Connect the Dots. I called it a day, went...
  11. Biden Promises Stricter Gun Control

  12. Biden Promises Stricter Gun Control

    Just further evidence that stupid people say stupid things.
  13. Cartridge Style Trigger in 80%?

    I've been researching building too much. I saw 80% and thought "80% 2011, 1911, AR, Polymer 80, GST-9....?"
  14. Which one? 9mm or .40?

    Yes. I have a P226 that I've only put a few mags through and it's in .40. A 9mm conversation is what I'll do once ammo is readily available again (I'm picky).
  15. Deals and steals

    After speaking to a few people about Duracell being shitty, I switched to Renata 2032s. No complaints other than price.
  16. IF Biden Wins: what are you going to buy?

    Gen 4 definitely went to the dual spring setup. From what I gather it's too wide for the gen 3. That said, does it matter? I think that's up to the individual. For me, the Glock isn't an option. There's no question it's a great pistol, but I hate the grip angle. As this build will be mostly a...
  17. IF Biden Wins: what are you going to buy?

    I've always wanted to build a 10mm Polymer 80. I order a PF45 last week and so the process begins. It's not strictly Biden related, but speaking of liberal morons, something tells me there's a short window in MA for P80 builds.
  18. PSA: iS It pRe HEaLY?

    Yes. 100% aware. That's not the norm, however.
  19. PSA: iS It pRe HEaLY?

    When dealers start selling lowers at their intended retail price (MSRP or better), "Pre Healey" will essentially cease to exist. That's not what I'm seeing from ANYONE selling them. Capitalism and all that. Totally cool, but don't bitch about others when, IMHO, you're doing the same thing...
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