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  1. How many NES members are now considered Felons? ATF AR/AK pistol brace fiasco.

    I just saw this news break. It’s the new Biden world developing as we speak.
  2. When did STEM become STEAM????

    I’m on the fence about this one. Most artists I know, and I knew quite a few back in my truck driving days, are not very productive citizens. But someone has to design these buildings, bridges, automobiles, cordless drills, etc that we interact with everyday. Everything has some form of art in...
  3. Dems are stealing the election right before our eyes

    What an out yourself thread this is! For the record I missed being a Boomer by 3 weeks. That makes me one of the oldest Gen X’ers there is.
  4. The President Trump Megathread

    I’m starting to loose hope It’s not looking good for Mr. T?
  5. YouTube TV Now $65/mo, Other streaming services?

    I’m not watching channels. I’m watching videos put up by private individuals. I find the work of the private individuals to be 10 times better than the network television programs. Some of the private documentaries on YouTube are extremely interesting.
  6. YouTube TV Now $65/mo, Other streaming services?

    ??????? I watch documentaries that are over an hour long all the time. I don’t think you’ve watched YouTube for the last 10 years? I hate supporting them but some of their content is so well done by the small channel owners I still find it the best deal in town.
  7. It is guns like this, that really make me want to move to New Hampshire.

    I wonder if you could get that set up as a pistol? That way you wouldn’t have to worry about the Fed paperwork.
  8. Why SpaceX is Making Starlink

    Let me know when you figure out how to hold onto a photon for more than a couple of milliseconds. If I like your ideas I’ll put my money behind it!
  9. Xfinity realistic lowest cost per month internet

    I pay 96 bucks a month for internet only. This is including the 10 bucks a month I pay for modem rental. It’s got to be a huge screwing but I haven’t found anything better.
  10. Post Election Chaos Plans by the group "Rise and Resist"

    Remove and Replace.
  11. Want to buy manual transmission sports car before they're gone

    I can’t make out what this is. Any hints?
  12. Uniformed Chinese troops in Canada US artillery moved to the border

    That series of articles on the Al Turner site read like a War of the Worlds production. If it wasn’t for the blatant fake science in the article’s I could see people buying into them. They would make a good apocalyptic script for an upcoming movie.
  13. Online "Getting Started with HAM radio" bootcamp - Nov 7 2020

    On-line?? 😖😖 No former drill Sargent code Nazi looking over your shoulder while you’re trying to transcribe 20wpm? Times they are a changing. Good thing I’m old. AE1Y
  14. Threatening letters sent to Trump supporters

    Phony letter days? Does that even sound real? I thought it was painfully obvious.
  15. Threatening letters sent to Trump supporters

    Dude it was sarcasm? Smarten up!
  16. Threatening letters sent to Trump supporters

    Jews and minorities? I often see synagogues and cultural centers hosting phony letter days so I guess I can see where you’re coming from?
  17. Pro-Second Amendment judge overseeing third gun rights case this week, gun control groups cry foul

    Isn’t judge shopping what the ninth circuit court is all about? I don’t hear people saying Jack about the SJW‘s getting their cases in front of the ninth circuit? Just like others have said the shoe is on the other foot.
  18. A funny thing happened at the wedding...

    I think the young man is hair privileged and is purposely putting his hair in the face of us bald men. It’s not like I’m jealous or anything. If I had 1/10 of his hair I’d consider myself to have a full head. I’d say I’m just envious. Not the same thing. Maybe? Could be.
  19. The President Trump Megathread

    Trump is a billionaire and President of the United States. I’m sure he needs advise from some internet dope?
  20. Anyone with a skid steer?

    About 6yrs ago I offered to r&r my SIL’s retaining wall for free. I would have had to charge him a couple G for materials but the labor and the equipment costs would’ve been covered by me. At the time I had a 4ton mini-ex and a JD310 loader. It came back to me with a straight up NO. Now he’s...
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