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  1. Blumenthal has some kind of palsy

    Look at his hands, especially the left one when he removes them from the table--shaking like a leaf. Or perhaps it's just PTSD from Da Nang.
  2. Creating a new email account

    I recently retired and thus lost access to the email accounts I used most. I have an old AOL account that I mostly used for Internet stuff. I had a verizon account, but they ended that. Somewhere in the depths I have a gmail account, but I don't know even what my user name is. I've looked up...
  3. 75 years ago today, Truman saved my uncle's life

    Despite the devastating losses suffered by the Japanese defending the South Pacific islands including Tarawa, Saipan, Iwo Jima, Peleliu, and finally Okinawa, and the devastating firebombing of the home islands, the Japanese refused to enter into surrender talks. Reports back to the White House...
  4. Anyone roll a 401k into a Roth IRA?

    I recently retired and am working on some financial planning. I can roll my 401(k) into a Roth IRA and not have to pay any taxes on future withdrawals. However, this will cost me about $300k in immediate taxes. The rest is based upon predictions and supposition. I have little doubt that...
  5. South Hadley kid tied for lead in PGA tournament

    Going into today's final round, Richy Werenski, originally from South Hadley, MA, is tied for the lead. Back in the 80s, his dad was assistant pro at Hickory Ridge CC where I was a member. He was a good player and played with us often in our scratch league, but it's fair to say he wasn't well...
  6. Lake Champlain on-water cabin rental, 8/8-15, half price

    Back story--we have rented this cabin for over 15 years. It was always a fishing week for my brother and the boys. This year, several can't make it back and one has tested positive, so after much angst, we have decided to take a year off, but we still want to retain the slot for future years...
  7. Calf cramps

    Several times in the last month I have awakened with severe calf cramping which is so painful the only thing I can do is get up quickly and stretch it out. I know I've been a little sedentary lately and quick googling suggests there could be dozens of causes. This happen to anyone else? More...
  8. I'm Out

    After 42 years and four months, I called my boss this morning and told him I'm retiring on July 6. Early in the month because they pay for health insurance for the duration of the month, also because they have to pay me for the July 4 holiday. I started in 1978 for $3.00 an hour while I was...
  9. So what's cooking today?

    I understand the meaning and solemnity of today and have posted several times about it. But today is also a day to celebrate the freedom that that those who gave the last full measure of devotion gave us--thus, the American tradition of BBQ. This will become a red, white, and blue skin-on baby...
  10. Is anyone selling tomato plants?

    So I built a lovely raised cedar planter an was expecting to plant tomatoes and peppers soon (seems the frost threat has passed). I went online to half a dozen places and they are all sold out . Our local garden store is out. I could plant seeds and have tomatoes in October, but... Any leads?
  11. One way to pass the time

    My son and his friends from San Diego to Saratoga get together (looks like Zoom) and play digital Monopoly on Fridays.
  12. What's the right Showers to Days ratio?

    OK, I'm on day 42 and have taken three showers. I'm thinking I might do another tomorrow. Does that sound about right?
  13. Happy Opening Day

    The third Saturday in April was traditionally the opening day of fishing season in MA; we now have year-round open season in most places. Growing up, today was on par with Christmas. My brother and I would have spent weeks digging worms and catching night crawlers after a rain (remember going...
  14. Three MA golfers arrested for traveling to RI to play

    May be a dupe--I didn't see it. Three guys from MA were arrested for traveling to RI to play golf.
  15. Crossword puzzles

    If you like crossword puzzles to help through this time, here are a couple of free sites: Crossword News - WSJ Puzzles - WSJ (Wall Street Journal daily puzzle) NY Times Crossword | The Seattle Times (The NYT puzzle, but for free) Merl Reagle's Sunday Crosswords - Sunday Crossword (Merl...
  16. Police encounter

    Back story--I live in a small town on a sparsely populated dirt road. Yesterday while walking my dog (off leash) a a police officer stopped to chat. She warned me that the town has a leash law and they have received several complaints. I'd never seen her before, so despite having seen the...
  17. Help save pork producers--Eat bacon

    There is currently a glut of bacon, as restaurants buy two-thirds of the bacon in the US. Pork producers are cutting back on production and this could lead to a shortage ultimately. Help them keep producing--eat more bacon.
  18. MA Number 8 in Wuhan Virus--Why?

    MA has the 8th highest number of cases and by population well above that. Why? Post your theory here.
  19. 30 x 173 mm

    Here's what a 30 mm cannon round (think Warthog) looks like. That's a 5.56 mm round for comparison. If I heard a Warthog coming, I'd be seeking serious cover.
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