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  1. Looking for gunsmith!

    Looking for local gunsmith, need a barrel threaded, and rails attached. If not allowed, please remove.
  2. M1A or m14

    Looking for a fully loaded M1A or M14. Scope, bipod, etc. Wont have funds until I have an item sold. But, looking for someone possibly interested in selling. Please include pictures, price, and location.
  3. NH vist

    It's probably has been asked more times than anyone can count. My girlfriend and myself are up in Conway for the weekend. Any good gun shops for prebans, ammo, maybe even a firearm?
  4. Rifle.

    Looking for something for around $700 or so. C308 or something. Maybe something .308
  5. Ariens snow blower cover.

    Up for sale is a Ariens snow blower cover. I'm sure this is a fit all. Purchased for $220 Asking $180
  6. New safe sale.

    Cleaning out my safe. All items are up for the price I see fit, I always take offers. But, please don't lowball me. Most items I could just keep. 1. M&P 10 stock grip stippled $10 2. 5.56 Buffer (Unknown company) never used $10 3. Pinty 2.5-10X40 scope (New) Has red/green crosshairs and a...
  7. WTS Glock 22 .40 mags and barrel.

    Up for sale is two .40 cal glock mags. With a Glock 22 .40 barrel. Sorry, no splitting. $130
  8. WTS Beretta 92fs $550

    Up for trade or sale is a Beretta 92fs with two 10 round mags. And Recovery tactical grips With extra grips She has a few dings and scratches from carrying at work. Has about 200 rounds through it. Looking for another 9mm with a rail. No m&p please Price $580 Trades welcomed. Something in...
  9. WTS Ithaca Model 66 Super Single in 20 Gauge

    Back up for sale: Ithaca Model 66 Super Single in 20 Gauge I would like to trade for something for this, not really looking to sell. It's been through hell. Stock was broken, and generally beat to heck. But, fires, and is still works amazing. Barrel cut, stock cut down. It's been painted...
  10. WTS Currently off the market.

    (Not even sure I want to sell this thing yet) So, possibly up for sale or trade. M&P AR10 has about 200 or so rounds through it. I love the gun, extremely accurate. Upgraded the pistol grip, stock, and rail (This has to be put on) Comes with one mag Also includes original handguard. UTG rail...
  11. WTS Safe sale.

    1. I can ship (you pay for shipping) 2. Reasonable distance to meet 1. 240 rounds of 7.62x39 $65 2. FNH FNS 9/40 holster $45 3. AR10 buffer and spring $20 4. Ar15 rifle buffer $15 5. M&P ar10 handguards and pistol grip $20
  12. Ar10 free float rail system.

    Just looking for a AR10 rail system. Looking to save myself money. Painted not painted doesn't matter. This will be going on a M&P10
  13. Help me identify the rail.

    I am looking for a specific rail system for my AR10 build. I am going for this look. Can anyone help me determine the rail? Pic bellow.
  14. Ar10 build.

    I have a M&P ar10, that I am planning to finish. This is my first ar10, so I am having trouble deciding on what to get, and obvious compatibility. I would like to keep it simple. Stock, rail system, etc. What are some good products out there that would be compatible with the M&P 10? Post...
  15. Threading a barrel for a muzzle brake.

    Is this possible? I've got a M&P ar10 barrel, I want threaded. Anyone in the taunton area that could do this?
  16. WTT Ruger 10/22 hightower

    *Disclaimer.. This IS a conversion kit, meaning the Ruger 10/22 is built into the p90, it IS still a ruger 10/22.. it only shoots .22. If I was selling a sp90, It was it would be for more..* Please, do your research.. Up for sale is my ruger 10/22 hightower 90/22. The 10/22 was purchased...
  17. Class B cdl information

    Everyone, is always a great help here. I want to get my Class B cdl. I have a few questions. (Research and the people at the RMV are no help) 1. Do I go down to the RMV and ask to take the test? Is it a written? 2. Any online study guides? I'm sure more questions will pop up.
  18. M&P 10 compatible parts?

    Out of curiosity. I'm looking to upgrade my AR10 furniture. What AR15 parts are compatible to the M&P 10? Specifically, stocks, forend, pistol grip. Thanks!
  19. Beretta 92fs

    Random question. Does Beretta offer a frame upgrade for the 92fs? I really want the A1 frame, but I don't feel like spending the money on the gun. And, all the adapters and frame add on just don't fit my fancy. I know back in the day Glock offered such a thing if you sent you regular frame to...
  20. Heavy equipment operator.

    I have always had a dream of working heavy equipment. I need a career change. How does one go about getting a hosting license? Is it the same for an excavator? Or, something like a bulldozer? Any help would be appreciated.
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