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  1. Anyone know of a graffiti'd up area near the North Shore?

    Anyone know of a graffiti'd up area near the North Shore? I'm looking to do a photoshoot with the subject in front of all the graffiti, but don't really know anywhere around there that's got that type of setting. Should be semi-private so that there are as little disturbances/distractions as...
  2. Down Range Firearms Training Review

    Hey guys, just wanted to give everyone a heads up on a pretty cool experience I had the other day while at Four Seasons... I saw some signs outside the shop for a judgmental shooting class offered by Down Range Firearms Training. I asked Matt behind the counter about and he told me that he...
  3. eBay Scammer Gets Owned by Judge Judy
  4. Source for subsonic ammo?

    Does anyone have a source that has subsonic ammo?...Preferably in stock. To be more specific, 9mm luger. Thanks!
  5. Another thoughts and prayers request...

    I wouldn't normally do this, but it's one of those weeks...Late this morning, I lost a second close friend to cancer this week. [sad2] He was actually my father's best friend for the last 40 years and has always been "Uncle John" to me. He was that one guy that even more than any blood...
  6. Happy Birthday Robert J!

    Hope you had a great day today! [cheers]
  7. Ride-on Lawnmower Advice

    So, I've got a big yard and want to buy a ride-on lawnmower. I've been looking at the Toro TimeCutterZ. I'm a big fan of the Zero-turn mowers, but am not sure of the versatility of them. I know the regular tractor mowers are able to tow things in the rear (i.e. a thatcher, a spreader, a...
  8. Happy Birthday ramx50!

    Have a very Happy Birthday Adam! [cheers]
  9. Great Digital Photo Frame Deal on Woot Today

    I just picked one up... It's a 14" Westinghouse Digital Frame for $89.99, and it's not even a refurb, it's brand new.
  10. Report: Manny Ramirez suspended 50 games for positive drug test

    Wow! [shocked],0,6324894.story
  11. Opening Day 2009

    So, who's heading into Opening Day at Fenway today? (Bastards!) I'm stuck at work, but heading home early to catch the majority of the game. I've got high hopes for the Sox this year...Our team needs to stay healthy. If we do that, I think we'll have another solid year. Here's to the Sox...
  12. MSNBC Poll: Give President Obama a Grade ***VOTE***

    There's a poll here on MSNBC to give President Obama a Grade... Go vote!
  13. LaRue Tactical

    Just wanted to throw out yet another big +1 for LaRue Tactical. I had never purchased anything from them myself, but always saw their stuff on others guns. I needed a solid mount for my AR, so I ordered straight from LaRue. Not only were they great to deal with on the phone, but they even...
  14. Water Softeners

    Does anybody here have any experience with water softeners? (beyond just knowing that you have one in your house). I know I need one...I've had 3 different companies come out and test my water (well water) and they've all said that I need a softener. One of the guys actually brought out a...
  15. Craigslist Ad: "Need expert for instructional videos on firearms cleaning"
  16. today - 16gb Flash Drive for $24

    Just wanted to pass on this great deal on today: Kingston 16GB USB 2.0 Data Traveler Thumbdrive $23.99 + $5 shipping
  17. Newest Addition to the Samuel Adams Family of Beers

    From the most recent "What's on tap? - Samuel Adams Newsletter"
  18. Happy Birthday howie and sniperwolff99!

    Happy Birthday guys! [cheers]
  19. *** NES Raffle for NES-100 WINNER = jshooter ***

    NES Member Raffle for NES-100 As some of you may know, a few months back NES lost a good friend, Bradley Ouimette, AKA Producer. Before Bradley passed, he had placed his order in our NES Member AR-15 Group Buy…His receiver was serial number NES-100. It was a complete lower w/A2...
  20. Happy Birthday Urj!

    Just noticed this... Happy Birthday Urj! [cheers] [cheers] [party] [cheers] [cheers] Did you go out and buy yourself something that goes "bang!"???
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