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  1. WTS SK 3/4 Drive socket set w/ wrenches [lower price]

    I copy and pasted this from the craigslist ad. This is a 3/4 drive SK socket set from 7/8 to 2-1/4 sockets and wrenches from 5/8—1-1/2. 1-3/16 is missing and 15/16 has been replaced with a craftsman wrench. There are 2 other Craftsman wrenches that are not replacements they are just additions...
  2. No power, Scotty!

    We’re at power out status here in Townsend. Estimate for return is between 10:30pm-12:30am. I’m on inverter power and iPhone hot spot.
  3. WTS Treadmill by Smooth Fitness $600 or B.O.

    This machine is a top of the line home treadmill. Treadmill will accommodate a heavy person. 300lb’s is ok. Like most treadmills this one has hardly been used. Great shape. No manual. I’d estimate it’s 10yrs old give or take a year. These go for over 2000 new. I’m asking 600 or best offer. I...
  4. SOLD 2–23" Asus monitors w/duel swing mount. $50.00

    Good condition low hours 50 bucks takes them. Bla bla bla failing health, selling everything, see what else I have when you come to pick these up.
  5. Replying to ones own classified ad?

    How does one do it? It tells me I don’t have enough privileges to reply to the thread?
  6. WTB Stainless steel pins

    If anyone has invested in a 50lb bag of the SS tumbling pins I’m looking for 5 or 10lbs. Let me know if you have any you‘d like to sell. Thank You! Edward Mason
  7. Search help

    Is there a way to search within a thread to find where in that thread your posts are? Some of these threads are getting so huge it’s impossible to find your posts in a reasonable amount of time. Thank You!
  8. Minimum wage Bump

    Minimum wage bumps to 12.75 per hr on the 29th. My wife works a mw job and just got the notice. It was going up by 1$ bumps but now it bumps 75¢ until 2023. NH mw is 7.25 same as the fed. No wonder there is so much traffic going south out of NH in the morning. A 5.50 an hr bump for the same...
  9. Trump rally Manchester New Hampshire

    Aug, 15. 7:00PM Anyone going?
  10. Excavator used to smuggle 850 pounds of cocaine

    Saw this on another site. How much effort did this take?
  11. Posting photos

    Can I post a photo directly from my computer or must they be hoasted offsite before posting? I’ve been using a hoasting service but I thought I saw a way to post directly from my computer. Any help with be greatly appreciated.
  12. PBS Frontline American Patriot

    I’m watching Frontline se35 ep16. It’s on live tonight at 9 on PBS. Also on demand. It’s about the Bundy ranch up rising. I’m 20min in so far pretty good 50/50 good to bad. Just now the fathers racism has come out and most people ran like rats from a sinking ship. Which it was. I can’t...
  13. Justin Amash leaving the GOP

    Congressman announces he's quitting Republican Party Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. Good riddance.
  14. Luis Alvarez first responder dies at 53

    Way to young R.I.P.
  15. Blue is the new green?

    Just noticed we members are no longer green? I don’t know how long it’s been or if it’s been discussed before {yes I searched}. What’s up? Just a meaningless change or sick of confusing us with greenie weenies? What do we say now? GO BLUE!
  16. Virginia beach shooting

    Just saw a breaking news on this. 11 dead 12 if you count the shooter. Six in the hospital. I guess the police chief took one in the vest. Only preliminary stuff coming in now so this could all be wrong. At least 11 deaths and 6 injuries at Virginia Beach municipal complex, police say; shooter...
  17. Poison ivy what’s your cure?

    The thread title says it all. I have a bad case of poison ivy or some other poison plant and all the drugstore cures are giving me no relief from the itching. I don’t know the type of plant I got into but I think it was the vines I was removing. There were no leaves present on anything so I...
  18. Smart Glock Slide

    Now I’ve seen everything?! [SHOT 2019] Radetec Unveils Smart Glock Slide & Mobile App
  19. Real ID Drivers license

    I know this has been discussed quite a bit in the past. I believe I read all of what was posted and did not see all the information in a single spot. I just renewed my license yesterday and I thought I’d share what was necessary to get the job done. The paperwork I used was- 1- Social security...
  20. Gunpowder residue explosion

    Another forum I subscribe to sent me this vid. Skip to 1:30.
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