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  1. Deals and steals

    My bad. I should have specified, LP. Thanks for the Slickdeals link. I forgot about that site.
  2. Deals and steals

    Thanks for the replies. I'll start looking around at Webber pricing and let everyone know if I find a good deal (or what I think is a good deal :p)
  3. Deals and steals

    Anyone hear of any good deals on a grill?
  4. Deals and steals

    Do the P80's work with off the shelf Glock holsters?
  5. Deals and steals

    Just got an email: Free shipping on orders over $49 at Midway with promo-code "FREESHIPPING0518"
  6. Happy Easter NES !

    Happy Easter!
  7. Vote Jim Wallace for NRA Board

    Same here
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