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  1. Kitchenaid Commercial or Hobart N50?

    cheap tools are expensive get the right tool, stop screwing around
  2. should i buy an extended powertrain warranty??

    i would not do it, in some cases not everything is covered.
  3. Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker to sign 'red flag' gun bill on Tuesday

    eddie zoom said it all for me, thats why i left. you folks are doomed to lose, get out if you can. yah you can stay and fight, but you seem to be loosing ground.
  4. Online Businesses to Avoid - Omaha Steaks

    we got a $70 package, it sucked, overpriced. don't waste your money or time. JimB
  5. NC House Bill - add a pistol roster like CA

    did't they elect a dem governor??????
  6. LTC in hand, looking to join Harvard SC

    the rules regarding membership changed, check it out.
  7. Gun Laws In MA Getting Even Stricter

    vote with your feet and move, we did. i realize some cannot, but if you can, what are you waiting for. in the past in this i've reads "stay and fight" its impossible, you stay and fight, i left. Jim,B
  8. Looking for a good shop vacuum

    i have had more than one craftsman shop vac. all had the larger black hose 2 ½". all have had HEPA filters 1. toxic dust 2. washable. the paper ones are crap. they all worked very well. JimB
  9. First Handgun

  10. **Alert** Public Hearing - State House - 11/16/17 Please Attend!

    Jamie is a pain in the ass and a liar.
  11. Exterminator (squirrels!) near Lynnfield/Peabody area.. Recommendations?

    i don't know an exterminator, but you need to address how they entering your attic soon after they ere evacuated. JimB
  12. Snowblower Megathread

    i suggest you take a look at Toro blowers, had one for 3 years and sold it. moved to South Carolina JimB
  13. Average cost to install a gas range

    and if a permit is pulled need tp pass inspection, one more liability.
  14. House build question - what extras are worth it?

    some extras need to be done during construction, however think carefully about hiring someone after that would offer a better price. we are building a new home in SC, the builder was offering a bottom freezer refrigerator for $1800, found the exact same at Sears for $1000.
  15. Are Australia's gun laws the solution for the US?

    if you like the AUSI LIFE, GTFO and don't come back. JimB and oh ya f&ckyou.
  16. which SUV or PU to get?

    get a Ram 1500 with the 5.7 and forget the rest. JimB
  17. Any foreclosure auction experts here?

    i watched my neighbors house get auctioned off, he auctioneer had the bids up so high it was a terrible deal. my advice is too avoid them. plus no prior inspection makes it a real bad deal. JimB
  18. Linsky after bump stocks AND pre ban mags !!!!!!!!!

    remember where you folks live, the land of the libs and idiots
  19. Mass Congressman REFUSES to honor the DEAD - Seth Moulton

    can"t shine a turd
  20. House build question - what extras are worth it?

    also under cabinet lighting. Jimb
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