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  1. Patriots Jersey

    You check Amazon or ebay, that's where we got most of my boys patriots players they just had to have. We still have Hernandez
  2. Obama: We Are Far from the Gun Control ‘Promised Land’

    Who is this Obama guy?
  3. The President Trump Megathread

  4. Apparently My Gas Grill LP Tank Has Expired

    Why only 15 #
  5. The President Trump Megathread

    That's not what I'm seeing, many different accounts from different sources. I don't know anymore either, i just want to fall asleep and wake up in a month or 2
  6. The President Trump Megathread

    Google it, GERMANY RAID SERVERS it shows up on numerous different locations
  7. Weil Mclain or Pennco boiler

    Exactly, my experience in service on these boilers has them at the very bottom of the list, even below home depot boilers.😂
  8. Weil Mclain or Pennco boiler

    Absolutely not, Burnham has a long history of leaking boiler sections
  9. Weil Mclain or Pennco boiler

    Peerless makes excellent oil and gas boilers
  10. Weil Mclain or Pennco boiler

    Weil Mclain 100% I've been installing and servicing oil boilers for 40 years, I'm not just guessing.
  11. Alton Brown & Stacey Abrams

    I'm pretty sure she pulled a fast one at the mid term elections in 2018
  12. The President Trump Megathread

    I don't know, seems a lot of your Breaking News stories never make it past the 1st post
  13. In-House Appliance Repair

    I can fix most anything, these days I find it cheaper and quicker to hire a pro to do it.
  14. Orlight Flash sale

    Dont worry about the "no email or confirmation from olight" Sometimes I get them, but the last 2 orders I did not and my lights showed up as usual in a week or 2
  15. Heating guys a question if i may

    What part of southern NH, my son lives in Swanzey and travels back and forth each day
  16. Heating guys a question if i may

    I hear you, I didnt intend to sound like a wise ass
  17. Heating guys a question if i may

    There is a process in changing an expansion tank and having that valve doesnt matter when done right. If you shut that valve now and try to change your tank, you will have 12-20# of pressurized hot water spraying into your face. I've been doing this full time since 1978, that is my qualification
  18. Heating guys a question if i may

    I never have and never will put a shutoff on an expansion tank, it's a recipe for disaster. In this case, snug up the packing nut and be done. When you do get to changing the tank, do away with the shutoff.
  19. The President Trump Megathread

    Your enthusiasm keeps my Hope's up. But are you just speculating?, wishful thinking?, or do you know something For fact?
  20. The President Trump Megathread

    Def. no landslide going on tonight
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