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  1. Black lives matter outside of Bridgewater schools

    My girlfriend's a teacher in Bridgewater, she's been texting me throughout the day saying her school's been in a lockdown. She says black lives matters been protesting there because of a post a teacher made. I can't find anything on the news, and I can't find the police scanner for Bridgewater...
  2. Best machine gun rentals in Dallas?

    So I'm going to Dallas for a few days then going to Waco. Any recommendations for places to rent &shoot machine guns? Also looking for a recommendation on a good steak place and any other suggestions
  3. Another dog thread.

    Some background, I have had my dog since my Junior year of college. After college my parents wouldn't allow me back home with a dog, so instead of getting rid of him I blew through all my savings and worked two jobs to stay living in my apartment. That was five years ago. Without him I fear I...
  4. NES brain trust- Bachelor party.

    So a close friend of mine is getting married and they decided to do a his and hers bachelor party. The head brides maid took over and left the best man and the groomsmen completly out of it. Our response is instead of fighting it is to through him a proper bachelor party the weekend after...
  5. Safe door alarm

    I live in a multi family apartment (converted house) with a garage. My apartment is on the second floor and I use the garage for storage. I have both my gun safe, a 600lbs beast, and an old truck box I use for storage. When I went to check on my safe's dehumidifier the other day I noticed that...
  6. Living out of a hotel.

    Alright guys, I recently was hired for a new job. The down side is I'm going to be living the next three months of my life out of two hotels for training. I was hoping some of you guys on this forum could give me tips and tricks on how to survive. Any must have gadgets, accessories, or other...
  7. Anyone work for HR?

    Anyone here work for the HR department of any larger company (preferably insurance). Just got a new job offer and need some advice. Please PM!
  8. RI cops still dont get it

    Barrington police charge man who tried to videotape officer Attempt to videotape police? Get charged with obstructing an officer in the execution of duty and one count of disorderly conduct. On top of...
  9. A videogame makers view on politics.

    I generally think of people in the games industry as liberal, but this video makes some great points, I think there may be hope for this country yet.
  10. Please delete

    please delete
  11. Surefire AZ 2

    Does any one have a sure fire AZ2? I found it online for $105 shipped and I was hoping that some of you would have an opinion on it. To me that’s an awful lot to spend on a flashlight, but its half off MSRP and about 50 lumens more than my current carry light.
  12. Turn on Discovery right now!

    Anti gun propaganda on discovery. Bloombergs cronies are hard at work exposing gun show loopholes and straw purchases. Blood pressure rising! I thought discovery was on our side :banghead:
  13. Finnaly went green!

    After a year of enjoying the free ride I'm finally Green!
  14. Paranoia and bed side manner

    Every since all the shenanigans started I have increased the number, and caliber, of the firearms easily accessible in my bedroom (namely from an Xdm to a siga in 7.62x39). Any one else increasing what they have available? Or am I the only paranoid one and I should lock my AK back up? (in a non...
  15. First paycheck of the new year!

    And it is worse than I thought. I’m a weekly employee making less than 40k a year, so I’m not doing badly but I’m not doing great; but this pay check had an additional $13 in taxes removed. So that’s and additional $50 dollars a month gone (on top of all the other taxes I’m accustomed to...
  16. Shotgun Advice

    Im looking for my first shotgun, mostly for home defense and a range toy. I am very interested in either a Benelli M4 or FN SLP Mk1 tactical. Does any one have an experience with the FN SLP Mk1 or the Benelli? The FN is winning me over with the higher capacity magazine and the better price, but...
  17. Armed Security?

    I just have a general question for all you guy and gals on NES. Should there be armed security/ more of? It seems like in the US there has been a sharp decline in armed security officers. I have been doing security for a few years now. I used to work for govt. contractors (the Raytheon &...
  18. Mall Ninja Strikes again!

    I’m getting laid off this month so I’m in the process of job hunting. I found this little gem on a job search website. Read the last one for a quick laugh. Enjoy [wink]
  19. DEA leaves college kid in cell

    Sorry if this is a dupe, just did a quick search and didn't find anything "A college student picked up in a drug sweep in California was never arrested, never charged and should have been released. Instead he was forgotten in a holding cell for four days and says he had to drink his own urine...
  20. . tacta-cool has officially gone overboard

    Now you too can have a Tactacool mug for the low low price of $249.00 Who's in? [wink] *** DUPE PLEASE DELETE*****
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