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  1. GFA Arms Tech - Natick

    It's always nice to go to a gun shop that takes the time to make sure you are happy with your purchase. Thanks again Greg.
  2. Humility, and a TD Bank scam

    I tell everyone to give me their number,and I will call them back,and I call the bank to see if it's legit.
  3. Letter to chief of police...what he wants to see in it?

    Dear Chief Donut,I am writing you this letter,because I am requesting,an LTC A to carry a firearm for protection.As you are well aware being the Chief of police that you,and your department are totally useless in protecting anyone,and that is why I need a firearm to protect myself.
  4. ma ltc expired need advice pls.

    Were the hell have you been since 1997? That must have been some good drugs.

    How many time can I repost an over priced gun.
  6. Date a left winger?

  7. Maura Healey Being Tapped For DOJ Position

    Warren was offered the office of Indian affairs.
  8. My experience with NES members this past week.

    The nicest people I ever met were serial killers.and people from NES.
  9. Question about a military surplus jacket I picked up this weeked

    Vietnam cold weather tanker jacket
  10. Happy Birthday Sauer Grapes!!! a.k.a. "Sweet Grapes"...

    Happy Birthday. [party]
  11. Gun Ban

    For the Democrats,well just like our AG does.
  12. Gun Ban

    So how long after Biden get into office will he start to pass gun bans? The ATF will have his blessing to go wild on control,and States like MA. will go full retard.
  13. registering an sbr

    OP is going to get his dog shot.
  14. New acquisitions November 2020-Firearms only

    Armalite AR-17 Shotgun only 1200 made 1964-1965.
  15. Finally Got Hit. Video added I think

    The god thing is your ok.
  16. Schools This Fall

    My Grand Daughter was back in school then last week one of the kids in the class next to them tested positive,and now she is back at home doing the zoom thing.
  17. AR 15 FA -10 Filing Massachusetts

    Thanks,but that's not the reply I looking for.In what stage is a lower considered a gun in MA ? Is it when the striped lower is assembled,or is it when an upper is matted to it.Is buying an assembled lower considered buying a gun?
  18. AR 15 FA -10 Filing Massachusetts

    At what point in MA. does an AR lower become A rifle?
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