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  1. WTS Sig 229 9mm

    Excellent condition. Maybe 300 rounds through it. mint condition. Comes with 2 low cap mags. I do have 3 preban high caps for sale for $70 each if buyer is interested. They are NOS and still in original packaging $725 firm Transfer must be done at Pullman Arms in Worcester
  2. WTS Glock 19 2nd gen

    Amazing condition. Very minor frame wear but slide is in amazing condition. Comes with 1 - 10 round mag and original Tupperware box. All stock internals. Must do transfer at Pullman Arms in Worcester $720 firm
  3. What is the actual legal process when an FFL does a transfer for me?

    I sold a rifle to someone the other day and because I was at my limit of 4 for the year I went through a local FFL. I've never done this in the past so I wasn't sure of the mechanics of it. When I looked at the fa10 document it had the ffl dealers name as the seller. So I was curious, did I on...
  4. WTS Beretta 92FS

    Purchase from Ware Gun Room back in 2005. Shot exactly a half case through it that year, cleaned it and its been in safe since. No wear other then on barrel. Comes with everything like case, booklets and 5 low cap mags. All stored in baggies to prevent damage. 1 is still in original packaging...
  5. WTS M&P 40c

    Gen 1 M&P 40c Slide cerakoted by Pullman Arms in Sig dark grey. They also installed a Apex trigger. Gun fired 50 rounds and then put away. I even had 2 of the Backstraps refinished to match the slide. Gun is immaculate. Awesome size. Safe queen. I just need some room. original case and 3 mags...
  6. WTS ar15 compensator -BRAND NEW

    1/2x28 Brand new from a Moriarti arms upper. Very nice. $30 shipped or $25 face to face in Western Worcester county
  7. WTS .380 ammo

    I have 317 rounds of this stuff. Dont have the PPK anymore and need to make some room. I see this is going for $1.00 but I'm not that much of an a-hole. Ill sell it all for $225 or $215 if you are green. Must meet me in Western Worcester county area. All laws followed. Must have valid license...
  8. WTS ak47 trigger retainer plates

    .304 stainless. I've supplied Atlantic firearms these for the last 5 years. My product is on every one of their ak47/74 builds. Also sell to a few other online vendors. These are very high quality and durable stainless steel $4 shipped each $18 for 5 shipped Paypal preferred
  9. TSUSA charging sales tax now...

    Ordered 5k of. 22lr and was finally charged sales tax. I knew this was coming eventually but sucks nonetheless
  10. Any recent Approved 1 for MA residents?

    I had a conversation with a dealer today and he informed me no Form 4s are being approved anymore because of the November 2017 letter to dealers outlining the changes to the EFA10 form and the barrel length requirement now being a required field on that site. Has anyone had a Form 1 approved...

  12. ATF must like me- Form 1 only took 3.5 months to get approved

    Got a surprise email yesterday morning that my SLR106UR AK in 5.56 was approved. Submitted 10/12. I was happy. I chopped the barrel last night. Im finishing it up this weekend. Pics to come...... I have 2 more Form 1s pending. Gotta get in before the 41p hits mid-year.
  13. West Lebanon Gun show this weekend worth the 110 mile trip up north?

    Title says it all.. dont want to waste my time if it isnt worth it... anyone have feedback on past shows?
  14. Anyone familiar with Savage Model 6DL?

    A coworker might sell me his for short money. I took it home to try it out but cannot for the life of me fine a serial # on it anywhere. I removed it from the stock and still cannot find any sort of identification on it. Can anyone guide me as to where to look?...
  15. Finally got my AR15 back from Ohio gunsmith.. PICS inside.

    GUN- Ban compliant Bushmaster Carbine Had the barrel shortened and threaded. Then I had the A2 brake perm installed and barrel contoured. He then parkerized the barrel. Shorty buttstock installed and now she is badass.... This is what it looked liked totally stock
  16. Buttstock length requirements on post-ban AR15?

    I bought this bushmaster 2 years and it has no evil features. I have recently gotten the barrel threaded and the brake perm installed. Next I am going to go to a "stubby" buttstock so the gun looks more like the M4 platform. I dont want a collapsable version, more like the A1 length. My...
  17. Finally turned my ban-style AR into something.... PISC INSIDE

    I went from a lame non threaded bare barrel on this Bushmaster to this... I had the barrel threaded, a branson comp perm installed and the barrel contoured to the M203 grenade launcher cut. The barrel was also cut so the OAL didnt exceed 16". Now it is clear I need the "stubby" buttsock as the...
  18. Clarification on Marlboro show dates

    Is it 9/27 or 9/20? The previous post on the show says 9/27 yet their website states otherwise Can someone confirm for me?
  19. Yesterday's pics from the range...

    My buddy and I went shooting at my local club yesterday and played with his mother's expensive digital camera... Here are some of the better pics... Cool double in-flight brass shot!
  20. DC gun ban being decided by special session on Weds! Cross your fingers

    Title says it all.. lets all hope for a favorable outcome
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