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  1. 2020 / 2021 Skiing & Boarding Thread

    Well, figured id kick off this years Skiing and Boarding thread. A place where we can come together and bitch about all that will suck this year. First year with the Epic pass since Vail purchased Mt Snow. This winter already sounds like a cluster F when it comes to having to reserve time on...
  2. Mass DMV - change from special plate to normal - how to?

    So in my younger years, i though it was cool to have a patriots plate on my car. Now i cant stand giving the state any more money than what is absolutely necessary. (yeah the delta issupposed to goto charity, but i doubt it all goes there) Anyway, i dont see anywhere in a registration renewal...
  3. USMCA agreement announced, queue active shooter headlines.

    Active Shooter Situation in Jersey City, Cop Possibly Shot
  4. dupe

    dupe trying to delete
  5. Mass residents PSA: Tests for your other needed licenses - deadline 5/31

    Massachusetts Department of Fire Services 19 hrs · The Department of Fire Services will be offering the following license and certification exams: Cannon/Mortar, Fireworks, Special Effects, Blasting, Blasting R & D on 6/19 at both Stow and Springfield locations. The deadline for applying is...
  6. Husky Liners 3rd Seat Floor Liner Fits 15-19 Tahoe/Yukon - 2nd Row Bucket

    Pulled this from my truck before trading it in. Great, nearly new condition. 3.5 years with the truck and the carpet under them looked like day 1. $50 would be nice, but make me an offer if you need it and cant afford it. I have no use for it anymore. For pickup in Sudbury, MA Could also meet...
  7. No flag waiving in the Vermont statehouse - it’s a banner supporting one side

    You cannot make this up. Statehouse Headliners: House Judiciary chair gavels down silent waving of American flag Statehouse Headliners: House Judiciary chair gavels down silent waving of American flag
  8. Any GM service guys here? 2015 8-speed torque converter issue.

    Well after a year plus of back and forth with the dealer regarding my 2015 Yukon, the vibration is finally occurring all the time and was reproduced by them. They finally had me lined up for a torque converter replacement to fix the shudder issue. Well it seems GM just stopped authorizing the...
  9. Damn - Nikki Haley is resigning as UN ambassador.

    Nikki Haley is resigning. This is breaking on foxnews, not seeing it on the web yet. Its getting out there now: Trump accepts Nikki Haley’s resignation as UN ambassador I really like hearing her talk, rather sad about this.
  10. Finding that woman that loves guns as much as you do...

    on the mobile. Can’t give this the quality post it deserves. A woman in Missouri was found with a loaded handgun in her vagina during a traffic stop, it has emerged. Woman Found With Loaded Handgun Inside Vagina At Traffic Stop
  11. USA Today story on background checks.

    Brady background check has failed to live up to its promises Brady background check has failed to live up to its promises In short, it says the background check system is a failure, and should be scrapped. There is a poll on, Do you agree with this article? Didn't expect the results.
  12. USPSA 140mm gauge in Metro West area

    So it looks like the factory 21 round mags that ship with the x-five are about 142 / 143 MM. Looks like i can shave some plastic off the baseplate to get them to 141 but would like to pass one through a gauge to verify. Do any clubs or matches in the metro west area have gauges? (hopkinton...
  13. Get ready for X-mass, get you tactical stocking now.

    If they were in production, it means someone somewhere purchased these. Ruck Up Tactical Stocking w/ MOLLE, 17.5x11in Up to 48% Off — 9 models
  14. Question for the fellow IT peeps - SSL Certificate managemenet

    Random question to the IT peeps that hang out here. Trying to find an SSL certificate management app that has a GUI and would allow a client account manager team to generate a CSR without even talking to my network team while also managing and keeping the KEYs private. Bonus points for...
  15. Mass to charge extra tolls during rush hours

    Off-peak toll pricing measure seen as punishing commuters
  16. WTS Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector

    Location : Sudbury, MA Description : Garrett AT Pro Metal detector. Fantastic condition, well taken care of. This was purchased in 2014. See pictures. Accessories : Original box, Factory 8.5" x 11" coil, Garrett 5" x 8" coil with extra lower rod. Factory Headphones (not used), original box...
  17. ATF Rules on establishing residency

    Well i am trying to take possession of a Pistol i purchased in VT. I purchased a place there in March, however i will not have a tax bill with my name on it until July or august. However i do have a water bill from a government entity. The ATF agent for the FFL said that it would not be...
  18. We don't need no stinking q-tips

    Grub eats ear wax.
  19. Mail contents alarm AG’s offices

    "after an envelope with an “unidentified substance” mailed to the attorney general’s office triggered a hazmat response, officials said." Mail contents alarm AG’s offices I bet it was the constitution.
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