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  1. Black Rifle Coffee Condemns Kyle Rittenhouse, May Dump Sponsorship Of Media Defending Him

    Whoa, Dana Loesch has a 17-year old kid? No way!
  2. Funny Picture and Video of the Day MEGATHREAD!!!

    For the Win!
  3. 2020 Harvard Steel challenge

    What a blast! Thanks Ramon!
  4. Thanksgiving Spreads

    @SpaceCritter Hmmm, I think the addition of maple syrup and a little wine would help add complex flavors. I think I'll play around with those this year removing some of the OJ. Thanks for the tip!
  5. Thanksgiving Spreads

    I started off on the canned stuff, but since finding Julia Child's recipe I'll never go back. It's now a tradition with my daughters, purchasing the cranberries, hand-sorting them, cooking them with turbinado sugar, orange juice, ginger, orange and lemon zests - I usually double the recipe so I...
  6. The President Trump Megathread

    BREAKING: Trump wins North Carolina!
  7. If not Pats, who?

    My wife's family is from the Buffalo area - so the Bills for us this year.
  8. Funny Picture and Video of the Day MEGATHREAD!!!

    Near East / Middle East = Asia Minor Southwest Asia North Asia Southeast Asia Far East
  9. Amazon smile charity donations

    That's who my smile goes to, too.
  10. GM, Other Automakers Invest in Startup Projecting Holograms onto Windshields

    Unless it comes with a targeting system and some Lasers, I'm not interested.
  11. Thanks for the boxes... my daughter's Halloween Costume

    She used the Force.
  12. Thanks for the boxes... my daughter's Halloween Costume

    Thanks to everyone for the boxes, especially @pinefd @CrossFaced Lost track of the time we put into it, and pictures didn't do it justice, so...
  13. Gun shop sold me old shotgun shells - safe to shoot?

    I thought the old swinglines only came in greys, and newer models in black - but obviously your stapler is red...
  14. Another MA stay-at-home order coming soon...

    So essentially he's trying to cancel Thanksgiving. Eff him.
  15. Businesses are predicting a Trump win

    Along the same lines of "My team won the championship! Let's go roll some cars and tear sh!t up!"
  16. Trick or Treat

    It's been stacked at Costco - I think people have been very reticent about purchasing in fear that Charlie would cancel Halloween... I'm dragging my kids out. Not sure how many neighbors will be giving candy out though.
  17. If you had to choose one - Trump re-election win, OR, ACB confirmed and sworn before the elections?

    I'm still not tired of all the winning, so I'll choose both.
  18. Free Association

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