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  1. Burger King's $13.50 ‘extreme’ burger with one pound of Beef & no bun, Coming to America next?

    Not a pound of meat, but my favorite DIY: Rather than Burger Glop, often I'll let melt over the top a medallion of this...
  2. The Great Reset Megathread

    1. Of course a virus that targets vitamin D deficiency will rear its ugly head again when the Northern Hemisphere becomes dark. What's more telling: there's now a substantial literature - readily available on PubMed - demonstrating the relationship between vitamin D deficiency and adverse virus...
  3. The President Trump Megathread

    The math says otherwise. The affidavits say otherwise. YOU need to face the fact that the entire system has been hijacked in service of an agenda radically opposed to US nationalism, or any sort of populism anywhere in the world. They were set back on their heels four years ago with Brexit...
  4. Pennsylvania bans alcohol on Thanksgiving and don't leave your house!

    Dude. It's not about "public health" (or any kind of health). Destruction of small businesses IS A DESIGN FEATURE.
  5. The President Trump Megathread

    I have them cuz "their house, their rules" game. It does nothing. I was wearing one that afternoon I went to the DMV office - six foot guidelines, masks, temperatures, all enforced - four days later the symptoms started. It's bullshit.
  6. The President Trump Megathread

    In our case, a lot of it had the "help" of guys like Klaus Schwab and George Soros. And the media. I walked into our local town hall today. I have never seen such virus paranoia. I'm glad I went when I did - an employee tested positive so it was closed yesterday, then closed again today at 1...
  7. The President Trump Megathread

    D. Most people know A is the case, but don't sufficiently understand the implications to give a f***. I doubt one in a hundred has ever heard of The Great Reset, let alone describe what it is and means for the country.
  8. Burger King's $13.50 ‘extreme’ burger with one pound of Beef & no bun, Coming to America next?

    In my case it has to be oatmeal. Wheat gets me sick.
  9. Burger King's $13.50 ‘extreme’ burger with one pound of Beef & no bun, Coming to America next?

    Meatloaf has fillers. That hopefully doesn't.
  10. Pennsylvania bans alcohol on Thanksgiving and don't leave your house!

    It isn't merely perceived if they're freely wielding it unchallenged.
  11. Yet another MA COVID shutdown looming?

    NOPE. As my uncle likes to say, "It all depends on whose ox yer gorin'." Rioting in support of lefty/globalist/... stuff (the Donks and RINOs support)? That's fine, and even the Wuhan will pass over you like the Angel of Death did the Israelites in Egypt. BUT even if you have a million...
  12. Pennsylvania bans alcohol on Thanksgiving and don't leave your house!

    Once again, it's not the booze sales per se, it's the GATHERING. They use virus spread as an excuse, but their goal is actually preventing people from getting together and TALKING.
  13. Corona Virus Local SITREP Thread

    I hope everyone understands that the whole "Simon Sez" / "Mother May I?" caprice is on purpose, to make everything - personally and especially professionally - as unpredictable as possible. A business cannot make a million-dollar decision not knowing if the whim of the governor will suddenly...
  14. Corona Virus Local SITREP Thread

    The idea is that quercetin, like HCQ, is a zinc ionophore.
  15. Tennessee firefighter, mistaken for burglar, resigns after fire station sex act with Alabama man

    Much more colorful than our local firehouse lore about a couple (man and woman) doing it on the pool table.
  16. The President Trump Megathread

    No. It is neither the case that the Wuhan virus is unprecedented (except for the circumstances of its release perhaps), nor that the suffering was inflicted by the raging pandemic. We need to be clear about this, and repeat it often: what IS unprecedented, and what has caused all the grief, is...
  17. Corona Virus Local SITREP Thread

    Methinks heart disease per se isn't one of the things it goes after. Anything lung, tho... (Me: asthma, allergies, alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency.) And, again, immune defense generally (i.e. right back to that vitamin D), and I'm still willing to bet T-cell activity more than antibodies.
  18. Corona Virus Local SITREP Thread

    Quercetin (or HCQ by, um, whatever means)? Has the doc prescribed any of the corticosteroids?
  19. Thanksgiving tradtions to change, thanks to Covid

    As I posted in the other thread, the Dickwitness News has been beating the drum loudly about Ohmagawd! Stay at home! No visitors! Granny'll DIE! The very last thing they want anyone doing is TALKING, especially intergenerationally.
  20. The President Trump Megathread

    Saying <> Doing Friday could be interesting. Monday more so. But who knows?
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