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  1. Check your junk mail carefully.

    I received what I thought was another credit card offer in the mail today. It came with a credit card in the envelope. I opened the envelope and glanced over the paper work, I was curious what kind of sky high interest rate came with the card. I looked but I couldn't find the interest rate...
  2. Motor vehicle Insurance question

    My 2004 Ford Ranger was rear ended while it was stopped at a red light. The body shop says it is totaled. The shop didn't do any paperwork on the damage. My question is-- Is their any Government law or Insurance regulation that will mandate that I take the truck off the road after it has been...
  3. Survivorman has a very low opinion of preppers.

    I just watched Les Stroud's March 9th video titled "Caronavirus Home Food" He starts off the video telling us about the new PBS series that he is working on.He said the series will show the average person how to prepare for things like hurricanes, tornadoes, Blizzards ect, that might leave you...
  4. . Need legal advise

    My Daughter and Son in law signed a 8 month exclusive buyer agency agreement and she would like to get out of it. Every house my daughter has looked at, she has found herself. The agent hasn't done anything for them. Now my daughter is looking at a neighbors house that is not yet on the market...
  5. Tom Brady just announced his retirement.

  6. Not for law enforcement use

    I purchased a box of 9mm hollow points and on the box it said " not for law enforcement use". Is this because the ammo is unreliable, or is it that the manufacturer thinks that law enforcement should not be using hollow point ammo. I bought it at Skips for 1/2 of what I normally pay for hollow...
  7. Syrian military base was just attacked

    US says it wasn't us
  8. Hugh Hefner will not be down for breakfast

  9. Boiler replacement in Malden-Looking for ideas

    I have been asked to help with having the boiler replaced in my inlaws very large old house. They have an old large asbestos covered steam boiler that is oil fired. It feeds the radiators through out the house with steam. The steam pipes look in good shape, they are all pitched perfectly so that...
  10. Bishops Storehouse in Worcester

    Does anyone know when their new building will open? They tore their old building down last Sept and their web site says it will take 9-12 months to construct a new one. They set up some satellite distribution centers during the construction, but I think that is only for LDS members. Anyone have...
  11. Chris Cornell won't be down for breakfast.

    Sorry, I don't know how to post links.
  12. Female GSD in search of Male GSD

    I have noticed quite a few forum members have German Shepherds, so I thought that I would give this a try. All of the studs from the breeder that we have used in the past are to closely related to our female. I'm hoping to find a male that is AKC registered and is OFA certified. I would...
  13. Shooting radio controlled planes

    There is a good video on survivalblog about shooting radio controlled planes. It is at the bottom the March 7th post. I really suck at using computers, could someone post a link to the video?
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