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  1. Any experts in getting photos from iPhone to iCloud and then to PC?
  2. Thanksgiving Spreads

    Small gathering this year - probably just the wife and I, but all three kids will be home this year which is awesome Plans are to smoke a turkey - with mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, etc ...then use the weekend to set up the backyard hockey rink
  3. The President Trump Megathread
  4. I am not Buying from Black Bullets Anymore

    What an a$$hat
  5. Conservative Social Media and Media Outlets

    Breitbart and One America News is on my daily read list
  6. I am not Buying from Black Bullets Anymore

    Horrible customer service As mentioned above I would do a credit charge chargeback
  7. Backyard Rinks - Who's got them?

    So who is putting up a rink this year? We will start installing probably thanksgiving weekend or the weekend before that Ordered the liner early this year, just incase there were any shortages/delays Post Installation from a couple of years ago: Finished product: As always fingers...
  8. DRONES ?

    Thinking of the mavic mini2 is the anti-avoidance sensors of the more expensive mavic drones worth the extra bucks? - the mini is in a pretty good price spot
  9. Who's going to ignore everything tomorrow?

    Probably the same here - went to bed in 2016 expecting the worse and woke up to MAGA. This year expecting controversy and a delay in results, but hoping to wake up Wednesday and find out that we indeed had a red wave and 4 more years
  10. Swordsman Dressed In Medieval Clothing Kills Two In Quebec

    More info Stated he had a katana and dressed in black like a Ninja
  11. YouTube TV Now $65/mo, Other streaming services?

    The NESN drop might do it for me - have an antenna in the attic and can stream everything else I guess
  12. New acquisitions October - 2020

  13. Target Sports Delivering Again - Megathread

    It wasn't even that long ago for me....granted it's PMC bronze, but 18c (well .20 with shipping) per round Mid March this year
  14. Funny Picture and Video of the Day MEGATHREAD!!!

    My weekly reality as a tall person.
  15. Home Brewing thread, offshoot of the beer thread.

    My son - home working this year before heading of to grad school next year - has been brewing beer for the past six months or so He started working on a three tap "keezer" this weekend - using a chest freezer with a wood collar to fit narrow kegs. Looks great and should be able to fill one of...
  16. Home Brewing thread, offshoot of the beer thread.

    Golddiggie that is quite the setup and pretty amazing.
  17. Backpacking Denali

    Has anyone done an extended backpack trip in Denali National Park? It's on the list as a strong potential for a 2-week trip this summer with my two sons. Would be interested in feedback and thoughts as we are in the early planning stages Yosemite or Yellowstone are our second/third choices...
  18. Fermenting

    Always have something fermenting - probably more in the winter than the summer Love it and am convinced that it helps with my health overall Wild fermenting is different then pickling - it is basically putting vegetables into a brine and an anaerobic environment for the natural lactobacillus...
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