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  1. Chuck Yeager's NF-104A High Altitude Flight and Crash 1963

    A big fan of General Yeager and his contributions. I have never seen this, but a great video summarizing his very high altitude flight and crash of the NF-104A. View:
  2. Inside the mind of the radical, violent, leftist. Thanks again Project Veritas

    More proof, these leftists are delusional, violent and something to be very concerned about. And stupid as well. Calling right of center people NAZI's, when the NAZI's were socialists, just like him. A LOT like him. View:
  3. Gun Free Zone, the musical

    Mat Best, having some fun and pointing out some things... View:
  4. Dune Trailer Released

    One of my favorite books, really looking forward to this movie. Not too impressed with Jason Mamoa's limited dialog in the trailer though. Looks like the really nailed "the weirding way" hyper speed motion of battle with the shield fighting though! Provided the world doesn't end before...
  5. For A Few Dollars More // The Danish National Symphony Orchestra (Live)

    Really fun performance of the theme to "for a few dollars more." And that conductor? Not Guilty! View:
  6. Crime and Punishment for the Russia Hoax Coup

    First Durham Investigation Justice - FBI Lawyer pleads Guilty Kevin Clinesmith - tampering with documents submitted to the FISA court. I hope there are many more to come, post 'em here. View:
  7. Bullet Impacts at 1 Million Frames per Second

    Really spectacular stuff! View:
  8. Hornady Bullet Comparator Inserts Cross Reference List

    After struggling and getting really annoyed trying to figure out WTF the numbers marked on the Hornady Bullet Comparator Inserts actually mean, I decided to make up this cross reference list, maybe it will help others. The marking makes no freaking sense to me that I can tell, I am sure it...
  9. This is just funny, I laughed, and we all need a good laugh...

  10. Identify this mystery cartridge

    I have a bunch of these someone gave me, it isn't a 9x19. Can't tell if it is a .380, or some other weird 9mm variant. So tell me, what the hell is it? :)
  11. Here is the enemy of Freedom, in their natural habitat. These are the people burning down our society. Pure Gold.

    She repeatedly trolls a freedom rally protest, calling them all white supremacists, giving them the finger, then she panics and calls the cops when they start to notice her and give her a little scrutiny! Freaking ignorant coward she is. These people are just out of their f'ing minds. Worth...
  12. The Revolution We Need is Happening...

  13. Amazing walk away story.

    Amazing smart woman. Well worth the time to watch. View:
  14. Trumps West Point Address 2020

    Great speech. View:
  15. WTS VTAC Battle Belt

    For sale is a brand new VTAC battle belt, size XXL. OD Green. Awesome kit, I decided to do something different for my belt. I am just clearing out stuff I don't use. $100 FTF or +$105 Shipped. PM Me here if interested.
  16. Identify this flower

    Hey there green thumb types. This is growing in the woods on my property. Anyone recognize it? I don't know if I should be afraid of it, or put it in a flower pot. :)
  17. Obama administration more corrupt than we could ever have imagined. They are being investigated by Ukraine!

    This is amazing... View:
  18. The Deep State and the Soft Coup run by Obama, the Obama Justice Department, the Comey FBI, and the Obama Intelligence Apparatus

    We are closer than we have ever been to having a totalitarian deep state, worthy of Soviet Russia and the Chinese Communist Party, View:
  19. Great Little Light for the bag, car, or for power out emergencies.

    I picked up one of these on Amazon, as a multi-use preparedness item, or for camping, or to keep in the car. Bottom line, I like it a lot. View: It is a compact light, has a 3000mAh rechargeable battery, and recharges from any USB 5V power...
  20. Even Escapees from Communist China have a better appreciate for the USA than most Democrats.

    Some wonky opinions about Chinese having guns in China, but most of it is on target. View:
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