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  1. The President Trump Megathread

    Posts like the above one, make me feel like the guy who's throwing the football through the tire swing, on the Levitra commercial [banana] View:
  2. The Germans toss their constitution and bring back 1933 totalitarian edict.

    This article is wrongthink at faceplant. I could not send it in messaging....faceplant says it contains "wrong (?) or offensive information", or something like that. Can't remember exactly how it was worded but let's just say it was deemed wrongthink in a very Nazi-esque manner.
  3. The President Trump Megathread

    Except for Chuck; Chuck remained seated.... View:
  4. The President Trump Megathread

    Wrongthink. Utter wrongthink. Wrongthinks were thought by wrongthinkers before, but, those wrongthinkers were all.....corrected. [crying][banghead]
  5. Tennessee firefighter, mistaken for burglar, resigns after fire station sex act with Alabama man

    Some people who do this sort of thing get to be vice president elect. Others, just get to be firedfighters.
  6. Recommend a good gutter company for cleaning/repair in Merr Valley/North Shore

    I'm in the same boat.....gutters filled with leaves and I don't climb ladders anymore....age, occasional balance issues, & don't want to fall and get hurt or die. North of Boston. Suggestions please? Need gutter cleaned out on both sides of house, + downspouts cleared out. Thanks...
  7. Tornado warning cape cod

    Is that pronounced torNAYdo, o, torrrrrdNAHdo? (That's from an old SNL skit with Phil Hartman and Jimmy Smits)
  8. The President Trump Megathread

    Donald Trump did just that. And he won. But the swamp and the masters of the universe saw to it that he had his ass handed to him and he "lost". If the voting system (procedures) and ballot counting are not secured and repaired and made honest now, then we will forever have Soviet style...
  9. The Great Reset Megathread

    Not surprising. Sesame Street has sucked since sometime in the late 1980s when their new episodes stopped rerunning the old, recurring things (funny Muppet skits, informational fillers, "how to" or "how is it made" stuff, musical stuff, etc., that had dated back to the 1969-76 era and that were...
  10. Pick your quarantine house...

  11. The Great Reset Megathread

    "Two weeks to stop the spread" 8 months ago, has taken on a real life of its own, eh?
  12. A woman died when her idiotic friend cleaned his gun.

    @fencer [angry]
  13. A woman died when her idiotic friend cleaned his gun.

    I looked it up....seems to be Compton CA, or if not IN Compton...that's where she was from, & it was last September. She was 36 and he, is 34.
  14. Guess at cost of fence

    New England's most prevalent crop.
  15. The President Trump Megathread

    I look on your Twatter postings here as just that....up-to-date news updates. And I like that you post them. I'm not a twatterer, myself. I do sometimes click on the Twatter links you provide, and read the full twat to see what some of the retwats, twatplies, and twatments (comments) are. The...
  16. Random Mass Pike Framingham Plaza Conversation

    I've got nothing, except to say that I remember fondly when all the Mass Pike service plazas were Howard Johnson's!
  17. State Trooper shot in Hyannis at 11:30 last night

    Home to the only jai alai place (stadium? Not sure what you call them) I ever saw. It was right next to the Bridgeport Amtrak station, and it was always a landmark for me on my trips to and from New York and points south or southwest via Amtrak. They must have razed it in the last 20 years or...
  18. Humility, and a TD Bank scam

    Damn. I haven't heard of this exact thing actually happening to someone, 'til now. The most fraud excitement I get, is African princes or government officials, lawyers for long-lost relations, etc., emailing me telling me that they need my bank information so that I can get my share of a 37...
  19. The Great Reset Megathread

    Yup, as I was reading it, it sounded like it could have been "Mad Libs commie edition", where the user would "fill in the blank", and come up with outrageous amalgum of pure bullsh*t....rather than it be an actual original thought or thoughts, laid out into a coherent article by...
  20. Free Association

    Haffner' kicks!
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