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  1. AC diodes for inverter/charge controller

    I have a solar inverter and charge controller going in as part of a solar project. The inverter/charge controller has an AC 'in' port that can be used to charge the batteries from the grid or a generator. There is an AC 'out' port used to power the subpanel for critical loads from the PV...
  2. Need help identifying shower mixing valve

    Our shower mixing valve had very diminished flow, and stopped 'mixing'. It was either all hot (like boiling the frog), or all cold (like Pelosi's heart). I took the hand shower attachment off and found what looked like O-ring remains in the showerhead. Removing them restored the flow, but...
  3. School me on thermal scopes

    Has anyone here bought one of the ATN thermal scopes? I am looking to further diversify my rifle optics and I think the time for one is...coming up on now.
  4. Scalable solar with expandable panel/bank options?

    I've been looking at a standby generator for the place up north. I already have an MEP-003a that can feed through a panel interlock - when I'm there. I can get it to use the self-fill pump to draw off my home heating oil tank to run. The power hasn't been good this year, so i was looking at...
  5. Medical oxgen tank refill?

    Does anyone know where to get one filled or swapped? Size M7? Worcester area
  6. System 2000 furnace parts needed

    Hello NES. My balky System 2000 furnace has killed another inducer. Dead river up there in NH can't even get someone there today to 'diagnose' the problem. I know this is the problem. Energy Kinetics won't sell parts to consumers. I have no heat up there. Can anyone help?
  7. Honeywell WiFi thermostat issues

    so I’m trying to wire this thermostat. Honeywell. Heat only, no AC, no fan control. Current setup is old school Red/White 2 wire dial type thermostat. The wire from the furnace to the thermostat is 3 wires. There is a green wire, unused at the thermostat. White appears to be 24VAC+, red...
  8. Source for metal Hydraulic Line? Plymouth, NH area

    So, I blew the feed line for the bucket for my tractor in the woods today. I need the NES brain trust to help me source a new one. I unbolted it and brought it to a local O'Reilly's in Plymouth...but they only do soft lines Here's the whole assembly Anyone have an idea other than call MB...
  9. Dorian prep

    Anybody else taking the impending storm as an opportunity to walk through a just-in-case? I'm not expecting it to make a Cat 5 landfall in NE, but I took the opportunity to rotate some fuel stocks, top off fuel tanks, ordered an oil and propane fill, do an oil fill and run test on the...
  10. Bill Buckner has booted his last grounder

    Passed at 69. Sad to be known for booting one ground ball Bill Buckner Dead At 69
  11. ACL surgery for dog...costs?

    So our lovable mutt Gryffin has torn his ACL. Right Rear. Does anyone know what this surgery oughta cost? The number we got was a wallet buster. Him snoozing for attention....
  12. Cliff Barnes from Dallas, no more oil drilling after breakfast

    I watched Dallas as a kid....may he RIP Dallas star Ken Kercheval who played JR Ewing’s arch-rival Cliff Barnes dies aged 83 | Daily Mail Online
  13. Smells like...liberalism

    I guess you need to watch where you step in San Francisco Behold The Shit Map: Mapping San Francisco's 132,562 Cases Of Human Feces
  14. Another beloved dog over that damned rainbow bridge....

    We had to put our girl Lola down tonight. Liver cancer, and it finally shut her down. F*ck Cancer. We got her as a rescue, and she lived over 15 years. Golden Retrievers are good dogs....and she was a GREAT Golden Retriever. I'm sipping a bit from the bottle of Jack Single barrel I opened with...
  15. Do you spend too much time on NES?

    Just saw a cert error, so I looked a little deeper. Spend a lotta time on NES [laugh][laugh][laugh]
  16. Jan Michael Vincent will not be piloting an airwolf after breakfast

    apparently, his heart was no longer in it... Airwolf star Jan-Michael Vincent dies aged 74 after suffering cardiac arrest | Daily Mail Online
  17. Fiber providers, Central MA area

    NES brain trust, before I have a client spend 2x on Verizon Fiber, does anyone have input on business class fiber from Nitel, Airespring or CenturyLink in MA? it's a 10M EPL for with /29 for emergency remote databse and RDP, and redundancy as their SIP backup. Those 3 are in the $500/mth...
  18. Retired Lowell LEO takes the 5th on gun theft

    ...and the yutes involved skate..... I wonder how long one if us would keep an LTC if we 'resisted' the prosecution Charges against Lowell teens dropped in gun-theft case
  19. Outdoor solar lighting

    Has anyone gotten any modern outdoor solar lighting they're happy with? I'd like to add some, but would rather do it right than end up with crap I'll have to replace in a year. 110v isn't anywhere nearby where I want to put it (remote gate with surveillance) stuff from keeps...
  20. Source for stainless steel panels

    We have obtained a replacement refrigerator for the customized cabinet 'hole' in our kitchen, but it has white panels, which do not match the stainless/wood in the kitchen. Rather than pay the $450+ for the 2 panels from scrub zero, does anyone know of a source where they could be made/cut...
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