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  1. Xfinity realistic lowest cost per month internet

    What are you guys paying, all in, per month for internet only xfinity. They are advertising 40 bucks/mo for the first year plus "fees etc..." No Fios where I am.
  2. GE planned obsolescence Hybrid water heater

    10 years, one month and 2 weeks after date of manufacture: Warranty was 10 years, parts only. It had 2 condensers replaced under warranty the first 3 years I had it. Other than leaving me a basement flood, its been great.
  3. Suggested file size for uploading photos

    What is the max image file size or resolution for direct uploading? Is there an optimum spec?
  4. Beginner bow for 10 yr old, advice please.

    Looking for a suggestion on a shop, possibly local, to get a starter setup for my 10 year old boy. Havent been to ktp in years, but I recall a good selection there. Any place on the North Shore, or a road trip? Are the kids compound bows any good, or should he start with a kids recurve...
  5. Landline techs: no dial tone, but DSL working. ?

    Went to make a call yesterday, and had no dial tone. A faint humming sound only. Dsl internet still working fine, so i am assuming not open or short. Almost had a stroke trying to get thru to verizon, the stupid automated system ... Finally got thru to a person, but they cant get here until...
  6. Wilson Combat great customer service

    How it should be done. Customer service. I had been having frequent failures to go to slide lock on an empty mag, with my old Kimber Custom II And Wilson 8 rd mags, so I ordered new spring and follower kits for all of them. I also ordered one of their bullet proof slide releases. The Kimber...
  7. WTS Snowmobile/utility trailer project

    Gone. Please delete
  8. Does little trailer need lights in MA?

    I have an old steel sailboat trailer that i want to shorten and make a little utility hauler for yard waste etc., My neighbor told me if a trailer is under a certain size, it doesnt need lights or a plate in MA. Cant find anything on the state website. It has lights i can reuse, however the...
  9. Chicken registration in Wareham.

    Time to count your chickens in Wareham - bird owners must register with town or face fines I have a few questions. What is the grace period for registering a newly hatched chick? Do chickens stay in the database even after they are fried up, roasted or othewise no longer posessed? Do Chickens...
  10. Selling a used car Q. missing title.

    My 80 yo Mom would like me to sell her car for her. She cant find the title for it. I have always had titles for my own cars that i have sold. Also, can i write up a bill of sale to be "as is, no refund, etc." Will that be binding? Its only got 25k miles on it, but its an early (03?) Subaru...
  11. Driving to acadia weekday morning.. fastest route?

    Trying to get an idea of the time difference, route 1 along the coast via rockland, etc, vs up and over on 95, after portland. Any advice? I just want to get there, not interested in touristing along the way.
  12. My Son is a Genius

    I took my 7 year old boy out for lunch with his cousins last weekend. He wanted to go to Subway, his favorite. I usually limit him to the kids meal, and order turkey for him.He steps up and declares he wants to order his own sub. First time. Ok. I told him to go for it.He tells the gal...
  13. Electric Pressure Washers: handy? or junk?

    Local hardware store has Karcher 1500 psi electric pressure washers for 99 bucks. I have only used my father in laws gas pressure washer. Is the electric enough to do a decent sized deck, rails, and wash the siding on the house, (only a cape , no 2nd floor)? Anyone have experience with the...
  14. Start hoarding your Pre-Ban Shark Fins....

    I suppose its cheaper than hoarding the whole shark.... actual article
  15. This Shrink gets it...
  16. How to Stop a Would Be Killer at a Military Base

    Excellent. From the Wall St. Journal: How to Stop a Would Be Killer at a Military Base
  17. Gloucester Mayor joins "Illegal gun" group

    The most idiotic thing I have ever read in the Gloucester Times: Mayor Kirk, could you please define "legal gun violence?" Link to todays Gloucester Times story
  18. Pier Morgan: "I QUIT"

    see ya... dont let the screen door hit you on the way out.[dance]
  19. The Tin Foil Hat guys were right after all....

    Time to wrap your computer in a tinfoil hat . The NSA can read your computer, even if its not on the net. LINK
  20. FEDERAL grand jury duty summons, 18 MONTHS ! Freaking out.

    Got jury duty summons for Federal Grand Jury in Boston. At first this was merely an annoying end to the day when I came home from work to see this in the mail. Then tonight, I read the fine print here..... If selected the grand jury meets for 18 MONTHS! It says "usually" one day a week, but...
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