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  1. Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2

    Apparently the XM-8 makes a comeback in 2025? [laugh] In all honesty, I'll check it out. Black Ops was a pretty sweet game.
  2. Recommend ammo for compact 1911

    I recently picked up a Rock Island Armory 1911A1-CS (the compact model) with a low round count, and it's proving to be very picky with ammo. My understanding is that the compact 1911s are especially finicky with this. So far, I know that Winchester White Box and Remington UMC will jam at least...
  3. Top Guns - new show on H2

    I've been seeing previews for this new show on H2 (another History channel) called Top Guns. It features Colby from Top Shot actually shooting stuff for once. It starts this Wednesday at 10 on H2 (channel 831 on Comcast). It may be awesome or it may...
  4. Ambulance breaks down in Detroit on NYE amidst gun fire

    Someone showed me this video at work today. Looking for a better source, but the video looks pretty legit. Enjoy: I see Detroit knows how to party.
  5. Undead-like zombie targets

    I did a search and couldn't find anything, and I find it hard to believe this hasn't been posted yet. I'll just leave this right here. Even I have to admit - that's pretty freakin' awesome. Not the...
  6. Happy birthday sHORTY!

    Happy birthday, admin! [cheers]
  7. Whitey Bulger arrested in Santa Monica [shocked]
  8. Random Hero won't be down for breakfast

    Ryan Dunn of Jackass and Haggard died in a car accident this morning. RIP
  9. The "Antis Are Dumb" Collection

    I thought it might be kind of funny to have a thread displaying just what we're up against. I'm talking about a master collection of all the blatantly stupid things antis have said. I'm pretty sure there's enough material out there to justify this thread. I'll leave "the shoulder thing that...
  10. Happy birthday drgrant and DickWanner!

    Happy birthday Mike and Nick!! [cheers]
  11. Van Gogh's "Starry Night". In bacon.

    Yup. Figured someone here would appreciate this.
  12. HBO's "Gun Fight"

    I was watching HBO last night, and I saw a preview for a new documentary they're going to be airing called "Gun Fight". It claims to tackle the issue of gun control objectively with arguments from both sides, but I'm not too sure. I just did a search for it and found out the director has won...
  13. Happy birthday Zappa, gjones77, and bambame2

    Happy birthday guys! [cheers]
  14. AK muzzle brake

    Hey guys, I'd like to put a muzzle brake on my WASR-10, seeing as I enjoy and plan on keeping the rifle, and wouldn't mind softening the recoil and curtailing the muzzle climb a bit (not that these things are that bad, but they could be better). I don't know much (anything, actually) about AK...
  15. Happy birthday Bill Katt

    Happy birthday, my friend! Hope it's a good one. [cheers]
  16. Pete Postlethwaite wasn't down for breakfast

    Apparently he died on Sunday. I was always a fan of him, he popped up in just about everything as a supporting actor. I'll remember him most as Mr. Kobayashi in The Usual Suspects. RIP Pete. [sad2]
  17. Awesome, sad picture

    One of my Facebook friends posted this. I haven't seen it here, so I snagged it and thought I would share.
  18. An actual sentry gun

    A friend just sent this to me. Pretty cool stuff from South Korea.
  19. Primary Arms optics

    I want to add a red dot to my WASR-10, and I'm looking to do it on the cheap (considering it's a cheap rifle and I don't plan on shooting sub-MOA [wink]). Someone was recommending the Primary Arms Micro Dot Gen 6 in another thread, but I can't seem to find any Gen 6 or Gen 7 models in stock. I...
  20. Dragnet talks to POTUS

    Did a search and couldn't find it, so here it is. A friend just sent me this, and I really liked it. Joe Friday and Bill Gannon hand Barry his ass.
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