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  1. WTS Firearms Training Books - Kyle Lamb, Mike Pannone, David Kenick, Etc.

    Time to make some room for some new reading material. I have the following books for sale all of which are in excellent condition: Stay in the Fight - Warriors Guide to the Combat Pistol ($25) Armed Response by David Kenick ($10) Green Eyes & Black Rifles by Kyle Lamb ($25) Tactical Pistol...
  2. H.4121 Moving to Ways and Means Committee, email list inside.

    I did not email the above list, but I did email my reps yesterday morning when I arrived at work (James Lyons and James Miceli) regarding the up-coming bill. To my surprise I received a call from Rep. Lyons in the afternoon to discuss the email that I sent to him. He was in full agreement that...
  3. Big shout out to Lou at Business End Customs

    Lou did a full on custom 1911 in 9mm for me a few years back and I had the same awesome experience.
  4. Plate Carrier - Do I need one? Recoil just did a write-up on this set-up. They shot the shit out of the plates with all kinds of stuff (handguns/rifles/full auto) and they didn't even dent the back of them.
  5. A store with a large selection of pelican type cases?

    You looking for a hand gun case or a rifle case? I have the Pelican 1720 Rifle case; I can send you some photos with a rifle in it if that helps. Or you can drive to Tewksbury to see it for yourself. The cases are expensive but worth every penny; I could probably put my guns in it and run it...
  6. Long time Ruger fan irritated with Ruger customer service

    Doesn't surprise me that they made this right, glad to hear that this worked out for you. Always nice to get some free stuff too!
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