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  1. Looking for a lab, Vizsla,or Weimaraner breeder

    Hey everyone i am looking to get a dog and i would like a Lab, Vizsla or weimaraner, hoping maybe someone knows or can recommend a good breeder, thanks for your help
  2. Anyone a member of the TAUNTON Rifle and Pistol Club

    I live in Taunton and want to join a gun Club, i was wondering if anyone is a member of the Taunton Club?
  3. Any Hunters Bag a Gobbler Yet?

    i seen that T-Town had shot a nice Bird...anyone else get a Bird Yet
  4. DELETE......

    is anyone Turkey Scouting Zone 11 around the foxboro/wretham/taunton/franklin area.....I am a new turkey hunter and have been going out ...would like to tag along and learn if someone dont mind....Thanks
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