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  1. Gettysburg 150th

    I recently attended a reenactment to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the battle of Gettysburg. I came away invigorated having seen so many pro 2a bumper stickers, banners, and t-shirts. Coming from Massachusetts, I have never seen so much support for 2a beliefs.
  2. Trijicon

    Big U.S. Companies You Might Not Know Are Religious - Yahoo! Finance #9 Trijicon I did not know Trijicon was a religious company. I am sure some of you did and I figure that some of you would appreciate this while others would not like this at all. I just found out while reading through...
  3. Longmire

    Wondering if anyone has watched the show Longmire because I just caught the first season on Netflix and found it enjoyable to watch. When I searched on here I did see a post about not liking the premiere, but I am wondering what people think.
  4. International Movie Firearms Database

    Just wanted to let everybody know if they did not that the is accepting donations so that they are able to make improvements. In return for donations they are offering gifts from sponsoring partners. Just wanted to let everyone know in case there was an interest in donating. I...
  5. Firearms News Website

    Does anyone have a good website for firearm news? I am looking for a reliable and accurate website to keep up with what is going on in the industry.
  6. Windham Weaponry Shipping Rates I just needed to see if I am way off base with my belief that Windham Weaponry's shipping rates are a little excessive. I purchased a Bolt Carrier Group for 135 and they are charging me about 15 bucks for shipping. That seems more than a little...
  7. Lost Video

    I was discussing a video that I saw a long time ago. You probably have all seen it over the years. It was a classroom demonstration of how many concealed weapons a person could carry. Would anyone have a link to it?
  8. BCM Buffer Kit difference

    I recently ordered a standard buffer kit and an H buffer kit from BCM. My issue is that they look EXACTLY the same. Is there some way that I should be able to tell them apart? I am wondering if this is just me or if they incorrectly shipped me two of the same. I figured I would turn to you wise...
  9. PA man interacts with police due to open carrying

    Hope this is not a dupe, but I saw this and figured some of you would appreciate checking it out.
  10. Input Please-Sportsmen's competition idea in its infancy

    I am looking into starting a three event competition at my club and am wondering if anyone knows of a place with a similar format that I could use as a reference. My intention is to make this a Best sportsmen's competition. It is still in the idea stage, but someone I spoke with suggested...
  11. Thought you folks might appreciate this.

    I was happy when I logged into Facebook and saw this the other day. It was reposted and originates from military1. I hope they would not mind, but I figured you folks would appreciate it. I also repost this because I have the greatest respect for our military.
  12. Stop by and say hi at BIBA

    Bizarre Bazaar is here! If anyone is in or around Pittsfield and interested in checking out an indoor craft fair drop by the Brigham Center at the corner of First and East St with Parking on or in a lot just off of Willis St. It is not just crafts as they do have a book sale and some great...
  13. Lee Sportsmen

    I am happy to let everyone know that the Lee Sportsmen's Association, the oldest sportsmen's club in The Berkshires of Western Massachusetts, is turning 100 this year. We have some great events coming up! July 1st we are having a fundraiser at the Pittsfield Suns. Tickets are $5 for general...
  14. Excited

    I am excited to be getting married Saturday and just wanted to share. I know some of you do not see the positives of marriage, but after almost 8 years of being together it is about time. Hopefully the weather forecast will change in Jamaica by Monday.
  15. Saxon Armaments

    Has anyone heard of this place? It just popped up on my facebook and so I was flipping through their photos. You might want to also. Gun Mug need I say more to peak your interest.
  16. Invitation

    I would like to inform you all that my club the Lee Sportsmen's Association is turning 100 this year. We are the oldest club in all of Berkshire County and would like to celebrate accordingly. Our celebration will be Saturday, September 29th and I personally would like to extend this invitation...
  17. Metal Rooster

    This is going to sound like an odd post, but I figured I might be able to utilize the power of this website to track something down for me. I was recently up near Boston and traveled to Bass Pro in Foxborough. On my way with a couple of friends we passed a place with a giant metal rooster out...
  18. Dicks Reward Certificates

    Does anyone know if I can use multiple Dicks reward certificates on the same purchase? I ask because I would love to get a free box of ammo.
  19. Sig 239 +1 round attachment

    Does anyone have a Sig 239 with the additional round magazine attachment that top gun supply offers? As far as I know, this is the closest to a finger extension that I have seen for the 239. I would preferably like one like Ruger does on the SR9C or SR40C which are very comfortable in my limited...
  20. 870...Zombie Slayer

    My fiance and I talked a long time ago about getting matching shotguns. I am thinking about once we are married and once she gets her LTC giving her an 870 probably the black HD version with a little bit of personalization. I just do not know what the best way to do it would be. I want it to say...
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