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  1. Need an electrician - Whitinsville MA area

    Hi all, Just bought a house in Whitinsville and looking to have some minor electrical work done asap (new outdoor porch/yard lights, re-do switches, etc.) plus more work in the future. Any electricians in the area or recommendations GREATLY appreciated. PM me please and thank you!
  2. MA FFL long gun transfer - Natick MA

    Hey guys, I'm looking to purchase a (MA legal) long gun from an out-of-state dealer via online purchase. I've never done this, but my understanding is it will have to be shipped to a MA FFL and then transferred to me. Anybody know the best place to do the FFL transfer if I live in Natick...
  3. MA resident purchasing long gun out of state

    I'm a MA res, LTC-A and considering purchasing a 10/22 at a shop up in VT. Is it as simple as make the purchase, then FA-10 within 7 days?
  4. Harold Parker WMA - North Andover MA

    Anybody ever deer hunt this area (archery, shotgun, muzzleloader?) Any success? During season is it full of other hunters, dog walkers, etc? Thanks in advance, JDP
  5. B.E.C. M&P .40 new Cerakote frame!!

    Just got this back from Business End Customs. Lou did the frame for me in Flat Dark Earth, and I couldn't be happier with the results! Lou's a great guy, the best to deal with. FAST, courteous service, great pricing, top notch quality. Thanks Lou! [thumbsup]
  6. Cerakote M&P40

    Looking to have the frame done on my M&P40fs - anybody have any experience with local (MA) shops that do this, and do it well? I've seen pics of Lou's work at Business End Customs, which looks nice. Just wondered if anybody else had experience having this done, and with whom...
  7. Wipe/clean loaded cartriges?

    Hey guys, I tumble my brass pretty clean before reloading - however throughout the reloading process (i have a single stage Lee) the dirt/oils/powder residue etc. from my fingers from handling the rounds tends to dirty/tarnish them a bit, so by the time I have a loaded round it's not all...
  8. Newb reloading question - load data/recipes

    Just getting into reloading, recently built a bench and got my press set up and have actually loaded my first 15-20 rounds of 9mm which performed excellent at the range. My questions involve load data/recipes: I'm loading for 9mm. I have a pound of Power Pistol powder (recommended by a...
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