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  1. Buffleheads

    I hunt rhode island mostly and there are very many of them along the coast Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Acme Armament Labor Day Giveaway. WINNER = garyz

    In Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. NES Remington 870 Giveaway

  4. Military move to MA; some questions for you

    Well just a little insight for you. I am also active duty army got stationed in mass last year. Unfortunately we are not exempt from anything. I am now a mass resident so things are good for me now. However my buddy who is active army remains a new york resident. So they only will issue him a...
  5. Need Ink Fingerprints!!

    Not sure where you are located but i do know that boston pd hq's does them for$5.00. We use them all the time. The other option is if you have an fbi field office they will give you the cards for free then call the surrounding pd's someone will do it for you.... Many times the pd's just dont...
  6. SkySoldier Sighting Today In Brookline ???

    sky soldier,.. that story sounds so damn mom told me that same story years ago when i asked who my father you must be! have to be! ......its really you!.....Daddy
  7. Attention Car Guys, Get Ready To Heave!

    i see that truck all the time driving through dedham
  8. Early Season

    im with Bruce have not yet been able to take one down yet ...seen and heard them everyday up until season started
  9. If you must buy a cheap spotting scope, what do you buy?

    i would definitely have to agree with Zerodown, the Barska i had was nothing but junk
  10. KARMA - WINNER picked - Tommy258

    IN Green and Goal member so in for the gift card, thanks
  11. Brand New Mossberg 500 - Consistent Feed Problems

    i have a mossberg 535 that had the same problem, when you do a search on the internet you will see that many people have the same problem, i never had mine fixed i just put it aside not to sure i want to spend the money on a gunsmith when the gun is not that expensive, but from what i found on...
  12. Early Season

    Last year was my first goose hunt and i had a blast i am counting the days down myself this year but cant find any fellow hunters near the taunton area that want to go....
  13. What was your favorite western t.v. program?

    The Rifleman `.....ran home from the bus stop so i would not miss a minute....ahhhh those were the days when that was my only concern, how i miss those days
  14. Looking for a lab, Vizsla,or Weimaraner breeder

    Hey everyone i am looking to get a dog and i would like a Lab, Vizsla or weimaraner, hoping maybe someone knows or can recommend a good breeder, thanks for your help
  15. Woooooo hooooo!

  16. Walmart area Firearms section?

    there is a walmart on route 1 in walpole has a small ammo department
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