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  1. Goddamnit! What about Hillary?

    This! No news stories of the Trump Administration witch hunt in the news cycle.
  2. CIA Publishes 12 Million Declassified Documents Online

    Getting ahead of wiki leaks.
  3. (Spoilers) Star Wars Rogue one movie talk (Spoilers)

    This - and what of the two Star Destroyers falling through the atmosphere, wouldn't they have hit before our hero and heroine get from the tower to the beach to meet the advancing horizon?
  4. Steel Target Set Up

    I bought a cheap rubber welcome mat and cut it into strips to hang my gongs from hooks (below) screwed to the back of a 2" x 4." I use metal conduit and the below brackets off ebay. The set up is lighter and more durable without chain.
  5. Chicken Wings Thread

    Using racks as above over sheet trays, we make Michael Symon's spicy sriracha wings.
  6. Deleo a Mini Dictator?

    Maybe not a dictator, a tyrant - yes.
  7. Plane load of cash sent to Iran in January for hostages Iran thinks it was a good deal. "Congress is not the only place where the payment was characterized as...
  8. Plane load of cash sent to Iran in January for hostages

    Just a down payment.
  9. Plane load of cash sent to Iran in January for hostages

    Seeing a report that we traded $400,000,000.00 for four Hostages in January. "WASHINGTON — The Obama administration secretly organized an airlift of $400 million worth of cash to...
  10. Alaska Bear Cam

    Two bears caught two fish in the first minute of watching. Very cool.
  11. What is your oldest gun?

    1894 Winchester .30 WCF bought new by my great grandfather in 1906.
  12. Canoeing the Mississippi River - Bringing A Firearm Questions

    Having traveled this route many times, in my Mark Twain days, they need a marine radio. They should learn about and pay attention to river levels as the perfect sand bar to camp on could be river by morning. They should consider ending above the Port of Baton Rouge. They'd be idiots to try to...
  13. Now this ticks me off

    They should have shot the guy so the lions could eat in peace.
  14. It's party time in the U.S.A.

    Obama goes to pander to Cuba and we hear nothing from the White House about Puerto Rico.
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