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  1. 47 years in New England and now to NorthCarolina

    Hello all,well after 47 good years in New England.Twenty five in Mass,& 22 in NH. The wife and I are moving to NC.We started talking about it a couple years ago..We have never been a fan of the winters here.Allthough we have no issue with the heat and humidity in NC. Anyway like all states...
  2. any kayak fisherman on here

    Hello all.I know we are all into firearms,shooting reloading hunting, carry ing ect,But im sure there many here that are all into fishing.I fish out of a kayak.frs water only,Anyone else enjoy fishing?
  3. any members of Peterborugh Sportsmans Club

    Anyone a memebr here from Peterborugh Sportsmans Club
  4. other NH small game&varmint hunters

    Hello all.I live in Milford NH and I have allways enoyed small game hunting,Squirrels.Racoon.Fox Coyote. a grouse or two.So where are all the other small game and varmint hunters? David
  5. hello my fellow hams

    Hello all name is David I just thought I would say hello.Im from New Hampshire.And Im also a ham.kb1pyb.I also enjoy shooting,hunting and fishing from my kayak .As well as ham radio,
  6. ham radio anyone?

    hello anyone else into ham radio besides me? KB1PYB
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