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  1. We can't send them back home, but

    Just tell them they can come over.But they must live in Cleveland for 5 years first.That should stop them in their tracks.[rofl]
  2. I passed my Technician

    Congrats and welcome to the hobby
  3. What High School did you go to?

    Methuen High
  4. Dog "needs" knee surgery - looking for experiences/opinions

    We have to very good Veterinarian Hopitals in New England Tufts and Angel
  5. License

    Congrats. and welcome to the hobby.David kb1pyb
  6. what did you drive in High School?

    My first car I had in high school. was a 1964 Ford Galaxy 500
  7. Collectible Firearms in Merrimack, New Hampshire

    I was last in there a week ago,I think they were selling them for 179.00
  8. Moving to New Hampshire

    You may want to think about moving a little futhur north than the Nashua area. Maybe North of Manchester ,Hooksett Bow areas are nice
  9. Bought this for my wife for her 40th birthday.

    looks like a 1968?
  10. What was your first car?

    1964 Ford Galaxy 500
  11. 3 Mass towns in top 15 places to live...

    Yeah, and Cleveland Ohio cam[laugh]e in a close fourth,
  12. NH gun shop

    I also like Collectable Arms in Merrimack NH
  13. Cool movie comming: All is Lost

    Robert Redford, have to pass
  14. Steel cased ammuniton...

    I agree with the comment about Lacquer ,Just give it a good cleaning as allways after your done.I have shot steel cases ammo for years in my guns.Never had any issues.
  15. Fish pics

    any day out on the water is a good day,
  16. M&P Collection Coming Along!

    Nice.I still have not shot a M&P but I would like to
  17. Stupid things gun counter clerks say

    If they have Ammo I want at wally world, I make sure I talk very slow to the clerk,that seems to help ,lol
  18. 47 years in New England and now to NorthCarolina

    We will be moving to a town called Mebane. It is about 23 miles from Durham.At least in the short term.And see how we like that area.
  19. 47 years in New England and now to NorthCarolina

    Hello all,well after 47 good years in New England.Twenty five in Mass,& 22 in NH. The wife and I are moving to NC.We started talking about it a couple years ago..We have never been a fan of the winters here.Allthough we have no issue with the heat and humidity in NC. Anyway like all states...
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