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  1. Hunter

    OK, so, I buy the license and then see how much taxation without representation there is: I'm not an anti-much-of-anything, but for the love of whatever, what the heck is going on? We can't run the bureaucracy on what they have?
  2. GOAL "Fight The Good Fight" Raffle

    I went in for 25. Do you have to be present to win?
  3. Sig MPX 9mm

    The MPX at least initially was designed to be an SBR or pistol with brace (for those in free states), and is surprisingly accurate in that form even out to 100yds. I would imagine a longer barrel results in higher velocities, but I would have a tough time justifying $2k for a 9mm carbine. I...
  4. Sig MPX 9mm

    Thanks for your post! This was eye-opening to me since I put a Geissele SSA trigger in an MPX Gen 1 a few years ago specifically because Bill Geissele said that it would work (quote and link below). I originally found the linked video and article before purchasing the trigger to learn if it...
  5. Laser Training Aids

    laser-ammo Surestrike and L.A.S.R. Pro software Really good, but you need a DA pistol or revolver. SA or striker will drive you nuts (unless the latter is a self-cocker like a P7M8 or P7M13).
  6. Sig Academy in NH

    Varmint, Sarge is prior Corps, which probably means he only learned to spell “Corps” near graduation. Sarge, just kidding, thank you for your service—friendly banter from prior Army enlisted that got out before I hit your stripes. Sig Academy training is solid and instructors are excellent...
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