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  1. How Can Stores Still Charge for Bottle/Can Deposits When MDEP Has Shut Down All Redemption Centers???

    We're still paying for bottle/can deposits when Mass DEP has shut down all redemption centers and machines? I'm up to 2 extra large garbage bags filled with beer bottles and cans (essential materials during the quarantine) with no place to get my money back. WTF???
  2. Trading Bourbon - Anybody Interested???

    Hi all, Just got an unopened bottle of 1792 Single Barrel (very limited allocation) and would like to trade for a similar bottle of Weller 12. In fact, I'd like to find anyone with a bottle (or two) of Weller 12 that would like to trade. I have lots of other interesting (unopened) bottles...
  3. 2104 PA State Steel Challenge Championship Results

    Congrats to our New England friends (ok, they're from Connecticut and Rhode Island) who competed last week. Here's a link to the preliminary results: As you can see, "a little child shall lead them" -- way to go...
  4. Area 7 Championships 9/11 Rememberance

    Many thanks to Dan Hurley and the other participants for their efforts on Sunday morning, 9/11/11, at the Area 7 Championships at the Harvard Sportsmans Club. The music was a perfect compliment to Dan's well-chosen words to remember that horrible day ten years ago. We all have stories about...
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