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  1. stratfor demolishes "mexico crime gun" nonsense, ATF about to get reamed but wait, there's more. oh but wait, there's more more.
  2. you need help?

    Prairie Village Police Shoot, Kill Woman At Apartment Complex "trying to help her out." "forced to shoot her." i'm sorry. you're going to have to draw me a picture.
  3. obama: i am the taxman

    obama gave a truly thoughtful speech the other day.
  4. yet another 10/22 question

    has anyone ever modified a 10/22 ruger receiver to accept a takedown screw or bolt with a different thread pitch than the stock parts? just looking at it, i am not sure whether it would be safe to re-tap that hole for a 1/4-20 bolt. read on for the bigger picture. [rolleyes] i have a...
  5. Restore the Constitution rally

    check this out: Restore the Constitution, an open carry event in VA touted with "as close to DC as possible." i opened google earth and got out the ruler tool... gravelly point park is two miles due south of the white house front lawn. [thumbsup] correct me if i'm wrong, but this is like the...
  6. macgyver web sling. appleseed-friendly!

    if you've been to an appleseed or two, as i have, you might be intimately familiar with the GI web sling, or the M1907 sling, by now. i own one of both. say what you will about the M1907, but i like it. however, i am not very keen on these other green nylon wonders. there's that little metal...
  7. obama's christmas wish list

    re: we're all terrorists, we are, in fact, now all terrorists. antiwar seems to be down, probably getting slammed with traffic for running this article. but there are others talking about it. obama and the supremes stand up for slavery: may i humbly take this quiet moment of reflection on...
  8. powderhorn .223 news

    not sure if this thread belongs here but here we go. i realize there is a sizeable contingent of men-at-arms here who are somewhat hostile to exchanging goods and services involving powderhorn in hyannis. at any rate, they're the closest location to me and i've made myself a regular customer...
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