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  1. Lynx Defense 36" Rifle Bag

    No experience with this bag, but I have their Pistol Range Bag which has been great the past 2-ish years. I wouldn't hesitate to buy or recommend another product from them in the future.
  2. 80%

    I just recently milled out one of my lowers and haven't decided on how to finish it. Will you leave yours in the raw or do something for the FCG pocket? It seems like there is no harm in leaving aluminum raw.
  3. Martin Burns Wildlife Management Area

    I liked doing the weekend trap shooting there before I moved down to Quincy. I've since gotten my membership at Braintree which has been okay so far. Its nice to have access to the 24/7 indoor range.
  4. Martin Burns Wildlife Management Area

    I sent mine out a month or so ago just to keep it renewed and never heard back. No one at the office picked up the phone. I'll assume they are not there currently.
  5. WTB BCM Tri-Rail Mount

    Looking to see if anyone has a BCM Tri-Rail mount or knows of anyone who has one that they may be willing to part with. Thank you very much!

    Now if only a FFL would transfer it in...
  7. Martin Burns Wildlife Management Area

    Based on past permits it looks like it usually ‘opens’ the 2nd Saturday of April.
  8. Our Embassy Attacked in Iraq

    Rockets fired at Iraqi airbase hosting American forces: U.S. official Nothing credible yet beyond a "US Official" and a post by the IRGC showing the missiles heading to Iraq
  9. Ruger introduces their take on the FN Five-Seven

    It appears to be 20 rounds View:
  10. Pistol Rack Karma

    In, Thank You
  11. AR pistol with fixed Mag? (In mass )

    Now what BCG did you end up going with? And was there any reasoning for choosing a 7.5" vs a 10.5"?
  12. AR pistol with fixed Mag? (In mass )

    I have an Aero upper on mine. No wobble whatsoever. Hope that helps.
  13. New Anti Gun Banner in Boston

    I think it is the opposite. That old billboard was hard to read due to some great design thought to use dark grey lettering on the black background. And the white flag out of the AR barrel could have been an advertisement for some upcoming movie. Atleast with this one people can read it.
  14. New Anti Gun Banner in Boston

    I come bearing gift(s)
  15. Active Threat in Fenway Area

    For those of you in the Fenway area be aware of the ‘active threat’ that’s happening at Simmons College. I just got my university’s text alert. Interesting to see what comes of this. 'Active threat' reported at Simmons University
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