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  1. Blizzard's Overwatch release

    I've been using every character somewhat evenly. I do enjoy using Reaper,, and Hanzo quite a bit though. It is nice to see in stats sites masteroverwatch what characters i perform better in. But also the W/L timeline.
  2. Blizzard's Overwatch release

    Yesterday I did some really crazy team comps with my friends. We had a team attacking Dorado, 1 Pharah, 1 Lucio, and 4 Reinhardts we barely had any trouble getting the payload all the way to the end. Another match we had 3 Symmetra defending Hollywood's first point and held it with the power...
  3. Trouble finding 7.62x54r

    Shot my Vepr with Brass cased Pvri stuff. There was a dent on the neck and body. The damage does not seem major but man is the Vepr rough on cases. It flings spent cases with quite a bit of force and distance. Any Spotted spam cans in the area? I've went to Walmart and their supply of 54R...
  4. Fun 7.62x39 Rifle?

    Another vote for the Yugo SKS. It is a very fun rifle and you get really nice aesthetics with the grenade launcher muzzle and blade bayonet.
  5. Anime?

    Would it help to say I also liked: Clannad, Air, Chrono Crusade, and Kanon? Have yet to watch Angel Beats though
  6. Wargames and Hobbyists

    Okay my first serious attempt at one of those Infinity models. The detail and studio painter Angel Giraldaz really makes it intimidating to start painting these things, but man are they awesome looking. Pretty decent for my first attempt of NMM-esque painting And i seriously need a better...
  7. Anime?

    Been watching things recently Things i enjoyed: Mushi-shi Silver Spoon both seasons Anohana Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans and Your Lie in April
  8. Wargames and Hobbyists

    I don't know of that a game named that but there are Flames of War that goes from WWII to Vietnam to Arab-Isreali conflict. Then there is Team Yankee which is WW3 with Abrams and A-10's vs T-72's and stuff like that
  9. Wargames and Hobbyists

    I say it depends it seems like a big investment if you try to calculate it all at once, but when you first start you usually get a starter box or something like that which can be like 50~ or 80-100~ for a two player box (Inifnity, Warmachine, Hordes) Like when i look at one of my rifles and try...
  10. Damnit I think I lost my Kershaw

    I am a weirdo so i've been looking at a CRKT Graphite to replace my gerber descent II. The descent is a slow to open because the nut that keeps it hard to open is also the way you prevent blade play.
  11. Wargames and Hobbyists

    Time to necro this thread hard Here is my latest creature painted up: A Legion of Everblight BlightBringer. This thing was pretty costly to buy $80ish but i really like its look. Kinda like a dragon snake langolier
  12. If you're dead, become a tree!

    Oh even better, do this with my ashes:
  13. If you're dead, become a tree!

    Is it a weird if the tree planted on top of you is a fruit tree? Because that is what i would choose if i was buried like this....
  14. Obama might appoint Nev Gov Brian Sandoval for USSC

    They could always spin it. Obama was willing to compromise and willing to reach across the aisle in the face of party opposition. Then he can be shown as one to try to bring the country together or some jazz like that.
  15. Obama might appoint Nev Gov Brian Sandoval for USSC

    I can not care less about both sides' grandstanding. If Obama nominates a pro-gun justice i would not be complaining about Senate relenting and holding some hearings.
  16. Four Seasons Firearms, Woburn, MA

    Four Season's cosignment fee is 18% and considering it was up for only about 2 weeks before selling, it isn't too bad because you don't have to deal with a lot of the paperwork yourself.
  17. AK-47 vs M-16 - Which should I buy?

    Even with AK's you get what you pay for. Like comparing a basic WASR with a VEPR
  18. If there really is a God.......

    People are trying to do that with making fakon. Does that mean humanity is god?
  19. AK-47 vs M-16 - Which should I buy?

    If you like building your rifle from the ground up choose an AR. I personally enjoy the ergos of the AK more and the VEPR is chambered in one of my favorite calibers, the 54R so that is what i went with. I prefer the aesthetics of the AK platform to the AR also.
  20. Gun Store Customer Service -How important to you?

    I've always looked at reviews at different local gun shops before even stepping in them to avoid having a bad experience. So far never had a bad experience at any one. Heck some of the most helpful people i ever encountered in retail has been in gun shops. There were times when the person...
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