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  1. Italian Sausage recipes...

    I just made the following with Venison, but you can use any meat... amounts are up to you depending on how much you want to make: Ground meat salt pepper parprika fennel seeds chopped garlic sauteed in olive oil (a few teaspoons) 4 cheese mix shredded- asiago, pecorino, parm and provolone...
  2. Guns: A Public Health Crisis

    The only racism I see is against working white people. Especially those that identify as the gender they were born with and are straight.
  3. MA to ban balloons?

    Come to NH where your vote will count. I did it 7 years ago. Since then we even have constitutional carry now. Granted, the Mass libtard idiots still move here bringing the very policies they were escaping, but we need more people like you here. Massachusetts is a lost cause. It will NEVER get...
  4. Crossing Guard gets guns seized.

    I don;t hang here much anymore but I am going to say something to you folks from Massachusetts.... It's never going to get better. get the hell out and come to NH and have your vote count. We need you.
  5. Meghan McCain: There Will Be Violence if Government Tries to Take AR-15s

    Not gonna happen. Her body has what I call the "That thing ain't gettin any smaller" gene.
  6. Bow recommendations please

    Big Al's in Salisbury is a decent shop. If you are serious about bow hunting (and you will or have taken the course to get an archery hunting license) than there is nothing better than a Mathews Bow. I have the Triax... it's compact, quiet and fast. Great for stands or blinds, but they have...
  7. Fb jail

    I had a fake account. They banned me. I have another fake account... Not banned yet. I use it to log into websites to comment using my fake name handle. I think you have to be pretty foolish to use a real name on the internet... period! BTW, Got booted off Twitter after my fake account posted...
  8. NH open carry?

    I only open carry when hiking, which I do quite often. It is amusing when some people greet you on the trail with a smile and then see the .357 hanging off my pack belt... Then the smile gets nervous. Tourists!
  9. Is It Even Worth It To Buy a Good Trail Cam?

    I had a bunch of cams. But they became a hassle to retrieve the cards and refresh batteries so I could look at 100 pictures of the same deer over and over again. I stopped using them last year. Just find sign and hunt. So far my luck is no different without them and already tagged 1 deer on...
  10. I need cheering up

    Wow, I just saw this. My mother has MS and has for over 40 years. I know it's not a consolation, but she is worse off than your wife but still truckin. Completely bedridden, transfers in a hoyer and takes a cocktail of drugs I have to sort every week. She had UTI from catheters.. Better off with...
  11. Forget blackface, culturally insensitive food choices, Canoe = White Privilege

    So what is the punishment for Natives who stole our alcohol and ended up on welfare taking our tax dollars?
  12. MBA Folks: Was it easy for you?

    If you work in Business, it is easy. In any event, it can be time consuming depending on the prof and course. Just remember, ignore most of the nonsense taught in the soft classes. Much of the program is designed more to survive in the Corporate world. I would suggest going heavy in Finance...
  13. Miter Saw..... Choices?

    I normally would not recommend a Craftsman power tool, but my company has had them all, from Dewalt to Bosch to Makita to Hitachi and by far my favorite is the Craftsman 12" double bevel sliding compound mitre saw. I have had it since 2004 and it has never failed me. I recommend you get a stand...
  14. When do you think this AR ban will be overturned?

    If Hillary goes that far, it will mean all 50 states have had the 2nd Amendment infringed and there will be civil war.
  15. Healey "closing the loophole" letter to gun dealers

    I was one, just like you. I was standing and fighting to try and change Mass and I am 42 years old and fought the corrupt unconstitutional buffoons living and running Massachusetts since I started working in Construction at the age of 12. Even when you win you lose... you end up with Romneys and...
  16. Healey "closing the loophole" letter to gun dealers

    This is why i moved to NH. Listen WE NEED EVERY ONE OF YOU MASS WHOLES TO MOVE HERE ASAP! We need the votes and we need the muscle before this disease spreads. MASS is a lost cause. Always has been. GET HERE ASAP!
  17. Trump - we need to stop people on no fly list from buying guns

    Well, the NRA will set him straight on the lack of Due Process in the creation of those lists. He is going to them for guidance, he hasn't cemented the position. Besides, it would be Unconstitutional.
  18. The President Trump Megathread

    Are you insane? Moore wants to toss the Second Amendment into a fire fueled by the bodies of gun owners and Palin is one of the staunchest 2A supporters in the country. Sometimes I think people who bash her on here really don't own guns.
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