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  1. Who’s canning ?

    we did 21 qts of pickles this week. (not ours but from a local farm. ) 20lbs for $25.00 made momma happy to get some stuff put up. our garden is finally starting to produce. (Squash yellow and Zuke) and the rest is coming along since we got rain .
  2. Who’s canning ?

    we are growing taters for the first time so will be canning them too. (no root celler)
  3. Who’s canning ?

    don't worry about buying an old canner the parts are usally still avalible, we refurbised a few with new guages and new safty buttons for cheap money. the wife has been doing some broths and we are ready for the garden to produce.
  4. first time canning

    supplies- Wholesale Glass Containers, Lids, & More | Fillmore Container Bulk lids are avalible, along with jars. they shipped fast and everything was packed well. (got 10 cases of US made qt jars and a sleeve of lids. ) they came out with shipping a maybe 1.50 per case more than local prices...
  5. Looking for an M1 gunsmith

    Look closely at the reciever to see if it was rewelded. (pull it out of the stock . ) Fulton Armory FAQ: How can I tell if an M1 or M14 receiver is a "reweld"?
  6. Cetme L, embrace that vomit green......

    I have a spanish army manual somewhere.I will see if I can dig it up.
  7. Mass RMV

    AAA doesn't do new registrations.
  8. Cetme

    The cetme is a highly underrated rifle Mostly due to the bad ones Century did back in the day. the only real crappy part of the stock C is the rear sight. which honestly is horrible. an HK G3 sight is much better and can be had for cheap money still surplus from RTG parts for example. I have...
  9. Cetme

    It is going to be blasted and parked or painted anyway it is for a mil surp rifle not a fine firearm. as long as the dimensions are good and the flutes are good in the chamber game on. For me an external finish isn't important as I can just throw it in the lathe and fix it. or for a cetme just...
  10. Cetme

    The two I bought from them have been fine mind you it has been a few different orders ago.
  11. Cetme L, embrace that vomit green......

    mass complaint muzzle brake pinned and grind off the bayo lug on the front of the front site.
  12. Cetme L, embrace that vomit green......

    the HK 33 barrels had to be machined down so the lip was there, and yes you still need to set the gap. the trunnions do vary a bit. the settings we used are the same as the HK33 /G3 shoot for .018 ish. I do have shims if you need them. The sale price is the best you will see this summer most...
  13. Cetme L, embrace that vomit green......

    those are your only (and best) sources at this time. if you want to shoot one/handle it let me know.
  14. Cetme L, embrace that vomit green......

    Everything he made was a shit show. Even his 2nd gen CetmeL flat was out of spec. I cut 70 thousand out of the center of the flat and rewelded it to get it into spec. (the square top was too high the way it was made) But it was the only thing out there for years so I went with it and fixed the...
  15. Cetme L, embrace that vomit green......

    I made this one from his specs. but yea it didn't have a spot for the deflector.
  16. Cetme L, embrace that vomit green......

    My cet- L is an interesting piece but I like my HK33 better. I made a bending jig for the prexis flats I still have around if you think it would work with the flats you are using.
  17. Air Fryer Cooking

    they make great personal pizzas use the guys recipie for the crust and let it ferment at least 5 hours in the fridge. 6 min for the crust @320 and then 6min @ 400 for the whole pizza. View:
  18. We need a new Freezer: Where to find a good size (for family) freezer??

    Just got mine on time/date specified by HD. Just a follow up the new unit is bigger than I thought (a plus) and is working fine nice to have a meat and seperate veggie freezer again.
  19. Help with a Garand stock in Wmass

    I use minwax Gunstock 231 oil based then use the top oil of choice (I like tung oil) both tung oil and BLO was used. Having used both I like the Tung oil better.
  20. Help with a Garand stock in Wmass

    I have a set I am in the northampton area. IM me for more info.
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