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  1. Is it too late to dump our guns?

    I don't sell, I buy and build more. "He who dies with the most toys. Wins"
  2. AmmoMan

    Len, Thank You
  3. House Republicans Fight ATF’s Attempt To Bog Gun Purchases Down In Paperwork

    ATF Needs to be eliminated and all agents should lose their agent status and become at best compliance officers with no law enforcement authority.
  4. Request your firearms transaction history In MA

    Think of it this way folks, If the list is faulty and they know it, it can not be used as evidence. So if they are are not smart enough to fix it, Don't be dumb enough to help them.
  5. AmmoMan

    I called it and got a "no longer in service message"
  6. AmmoMan

    Thank You, To all that responded, I could care less about Mass. I live in New Hampshire!!!
  7. AmmoMan

    Folks, I did a search on this and found nothing, So I am asking is AmmoMan still in business? The webpage shows a Nashua, NH address, Phone not going through.
  8. Providence protesters, police face off after moped driver, 24, allegedly hit by police vehicle

    Hey, Any reason or no reason for the agitators to wind up their useless followers.
  9. Jeff Bridges diagnosed with Lymphoma

    So What!! A lot of people get Lymphoma, Because he is a an actor he is special?
  10. Travel to Georgia

    It is a "Long Gun" You know a rifle? I don't think they require government issued permission slips in Georgia for long guns. The whole world is not MasSuckChusetts.
  11. mod please delete

    You are right, But like all that is going on, He and his fellow Communists are using what ever strong opinion and language that we use, against us.
  12. mod please delete

    That F**KING Clown will be the first to throw us under the bus. Yet here he is on a gun website. Just think of how many of our comments have been passed on to the Alphabet agencies. This guy is most likely a government RAT!!!
  13. mod please delete

    Folks, Remember him "oldguy47" when the shit goes south leave him outside to fend for himself. Better still, over run his dump and take what you want.
  14. Winchester73

    Thank You for finding your way on here. Text coming your way.
  15. Pro-Second Amendment judge overseeing third gun rights case this week, gun control groups cry foul

    AWWWW!! Now the shoe is on the other foot. How the F**K does it feel You Communist Bastards!!
  16. Biden Campaign policy plan. Get involved

    They are democrats, Aren't they?
  17. Biden Campaign policy plan. Get involved

    No, He is not an a**h***, He is A F***ING a**h***!!!!
  18. Hitman Firearms

    You don't see them on the Interstates or most of the State Number roads. How so like most of these arguments, That is all it is. On most of the actual Highway jobs the Detail is Hired for the lights. That is a fact, That you can check if you want, That is, if you have any integrity.
  19. Hitman Firearms

    Since some of you folks brought the "Flagman issue". One needs to look up who pushed the "Flagman Law", A guy by the name of Long, who was a retired State Police LT, and then IIRC a State Senator who owned a Flagman Company, and now the Mayor of Methuen. He made sure that the guys who dress...
  20. Hitman Firearms

    Theft of time, He was stealing the wages from the town while working else where.
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