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  1. Glock 19X

    I like it. Everyone has their own perspectives. Just because it doesn’t fit any need you may have doesn’t mean it will not fit anyone else’s. You may be someone who conceal carries everyday, and yes the 19x really isn’t designed for concealed carry. I would use it for a work gun. It would be...
  2. Glock 19X

    I originally wanted the 26gen5 but he didn’t have any.
  3. Glock 19X

    Yea... designed for the military. Makes sense for them. Concealment isn’t a priority.
  4. Glock 19X

    Lol. There were no illegal activities happening. Just wanted to share my thoughts on the 19x. Maura is busy making sure the feds shut down tonight...
  5. Glock 19X

    Idk. Didn’t even catch which one. He just said he’s bringing the 19x with him
  6. Glock 19X

    Just like that it comes all coyote brown, even the box. Two of the mags have +2 base plates.
  7. Glock 19X

    Not that stupid. Not saying which shop. But he will be at a gun show this weekend.
  8. Glock 19X

    The gen5 is on the list. The 19x isn’t. The shop said something about a different sku. Trust me, I would have taken the 19x over the plain gen5 if I could.
  9. Glock 19X

    Not trolling. The shop said he couldn’t sell it to me until it’s on the MA approved roster. But the 19x is amazing. Maybe because it was my first firearm purchase in almost two years that I got so giddy... idk. I personally love the coyote brown color too
  10. Glock 19X

    wow, things have changed a lot since my last visit... looks great! Anyway, picked up my gen5 19 today and got an opportunity to handle the new 19x. Anyone who knows me knows I’m a Glock junkie. The 19X is a BEAUTIFUL pistol. Couldn’t buy it because it’s not on the list but there is one with...
  11. Top 3 firearms everyone should shoot before they die

    My all time favorite guns to shoot: MK19 M107 Glock18C
  12. A tale of two cities...

    yes, that's right. All hat time wasted at UMass and now I got a boring government job lol
  13. Florida...Maybe not so bad after all

    Shit. The wife has family down in Melbourne too. We are actually headed there in May. I'll have to plan a trip.
  14. A tale of two cities...

    i actually have been looking for a good range out here. I will look them both up. Thanks!
  15. A tale of two cities...

    procrastination at its best.... that's a bit ridiculous.
  16. A tale of two cities...

    So I just renewed my LTC. This had to have been one of the easiest processes of anything I have done in my life, government related. So lets backtrack 5 years. I am new to guns, just opened the Pandora's box of attempting to be a gun owner in Massachusetts. I took my safety course and dropped...
  17. Questions now that Trump won and question 4 passed

    I am pretty sure an employer can set any standards they want as long as it is not discriminatory. I could be wrong....
  18. Rolling Rally to a State House

    They're on 24S rest stop. Just before 495
  19. How do we get transfers done tonight?

    So I guess FFLs can only sell revolvers and pump action shotguns. Kiss those businesses goodbye.
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