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  1. Iphone Killer loose on the streets I have a touch pro 2 with windows mobile, but I might have to sell it to get one of these.... Read the specs on this thing.... 2 cameras,4g, 4.3 inch screen,etc., it is truly a beast and even people I know with the Iphone...
  2. Must listen to this tribute... For the Men we lost....
  3. OTP:(One Term President)

    This is funny.....Dedicated to our OTP
  4. Answer to "Gun Control"

    Someone emailed me this.. Vermont's Answer to Gun Control: Vermont State Rep. Fred Maslack has read the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, as well as Vermont 's own Constitution very carefully, and his strict interpretation of these documents is popping some eyeballs in New...
  5. Touched by Angels---Is a Scam!!

    Check this link out.. I found this link on craigslist and could not believe it...And to think that I almost participated in one of their motorcycle rides... People like this make me sick....
  6. How Not To Shoot A Gun

    Some clips you may have seen and some you might not have seen, all put into one short video..Enjoy watching these dumb a*ses
  7. Center for Disease Control has issued a warning (TAKE CARE!)

    The Center for Disease Control has issued a warning about a new virulent strain of a communicable disease. The disease is contracted through ignorant, promiscuous, and irresponsible behavior. The disease is called Gonorrhea Lectem and is pronounced "gonna re-elect ‘em." Many victims...
  8. Happy Birthday hoffy97

    Have a great B-day [party]
  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY abiffmaster, Mrs. Magnum , Prosperine

    May you all have an outstanding birthday!!!! [party]

    Thought this was funny...
  11. Girls saves her Dad's life--So adorable and very calm for being five years old!

    This is audio of the dispatch call...It is a few weeks old but thought I would share it with you all because it is a bright story in dark times...[smile]
  12. Obama's birth certificate- Is it real, is it fake,is there a hearing set

  13. Guns are good!

    For the record has lots of great clips that set the record straight.. Enjoy!
  14. Any mechanics here???? I need help...

    A few days ago I was in the hospital from 8-2 because I could not breath.. The doc. told me I had pneumonia and sent me on my way after my oxygen levels came back up...On my way home I stopped at CVS to get my meds and then went back to my car and the damn thing would not start and the service...
  15. Don't ask, Don't tell

    Is Obama out of his freakin mind....He wants to get rid of the dont ask dont tell policy...If he does this, I believe that that many troops will be uncomfortable having an openly gay bunk mate..I also truly believe that there will be a lot of blanket parties for those who choose to "tell"...
  16. What gun to buy

    Looking to buy a reliable but concealable 45, any suggestions?
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